Christmas Plaques - Still Working on Octoberfest Stuff

Octoberfest is just a month away so I spent
all day Saturday (okay, I cleaned the house
and put laundry away first) on some plaques
for the sale. I had been making some
“Welcome Friends” plaques for porches
or front doors when it hit me that I made
some other plaques a few years ago that
were really cute…..the light bulb went off!

On the way home from work Friday

evening I stopped at the local craft store

(Hobby Lobby…gotta love it), and picked

up some things I would need for the new

plaques. I am thinking that these will be

good sellers since people will probably be

thinking Christmas gifts or decorations

while walking through the many tents of

Octoberfest. Or at least I try to think that far ahead.

Check out the new plaques. I think they

are so cute. For those of you who wish to

make some here is what you will need.

Wooden plaque –oval, round, etc
(your choice on that as well as size)
Ribbon or jute
Bonding glue
And craft Christmas lights – flat
on back side

Stain the plaque and allow to dry
Paint your saying “Dear Santa ~ I can explain”
Glue on the light blubs
With black paint, paint a line attaching
each blub
With bonding glue attach jute to the back
for a hanger

This is not suitable for hanging outdoors.
But they do look so cute hanging around
the Christmas tree at Christmas time. Enjoy.
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Anonymous said…
It is useful to try everything in practise anyway and I like that here it's always possible to find something new. :)

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