Another Caleb/Nana Project

Last week I posted a blog on Trash to
Treasure Tuesday about the little
lamp I got at a yard sale that was
made out of a mason jar with crayons
in it. I went to dump the crayons since
Caleb has enough of those at the house
and really don’t care much for coloring
anyway when the recycling person in
me came out once again. I owe that to
my brother Mark who through the
years has instilled that quality in me.

What should I do with those older,
fat crayons? One thought came to
mind. As children we use to melt them
down over a glass jar to make a candle
holder or a vase. I knew Caleb had
never done this so I figured I would
save those crayons for when he was
at the house and we could make that
our next Caleb/Nana project.

Jar? I really didn’t have one to use
but I remembered an empty wine
bottle I had saved for the purpose
of using it to paint on and make a
candle holder or something. That
would work perfect. I used a large
plastic empty coffee container to
sit the bottle down in and as I held
the lighter near the bottle, Caleb
melted the crayons down the side
after we had removed the paper
around them. He had a blast with
doing this.

What should we do with it now?
He did not need a vase or a candle
holder in his room so my thoughts
were for him to just sit it on his
dresser to look at, to show his friends
what he had made, but Caleb had another
idea. Way to go Caleb for thinking
outside the box (or bottle), he
wanted to fill it with color sand like
we had done with glass decorative
jars for his Mother and Great
Grandmother before. Hey, why
not. So upstairs to the craft room
we went. I tilted the bottle while he
picked the colors and decided how
much of each to pour and he did the
pouring. The bottle was green so it
altered the color of the sand that we
put in but that was okay, he thought
that was neat too.

The peaks and valleys of the color sand
inside the bottle that once held red
wine was complete except for how to
close it off to keep the sand in. I could
just cover the opening with wax from a
candle but then I remembered that I
put the cork for this bottle in the kitchen
window sill. Bingo…there was my answer.
I gently pushed it into place so not to
mess up Caleb’s color crayon was
drippings and then we sealed it with
more wax from a candle.

Now our project was complete for sure.
I asked him did he want to take it home
the next day when he went to display in
his room but he wanted to leave it in
his room at Nana’s house. So we took
it back upstairs to his room and he
proudly put it on his dresser. I love it
because he loves doing projects with
his Nana.

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Gail said…
Neat idea about melting the crayons. I remember doing that when I was a kid. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such a nice comments.

Have a blessed day,

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