9/11 - Eight Years Ago Today

In a way it’s hard to believe that it has
been eight years already but yet in other
ways, like with the war, it seems forever.

It was a time when we all came to a standstill.
Planes stood still. I remember sitting on my
deck where planes usually fly over often to
hear pure silence. To drive the interstate at
dusk to see no semi's on the road. It was an
erie feeling. So strange to what we all knew.

I want to say a prayer and I hope all
join in for all the men and women who
are away from their families today fighting
for us, the US, you, me, our families, so that
we can blog, we can email, we can pray and
we can hug our kids today! Bless each and
every one of you. Bless Phillip, one of my
best and long time friend’s son. He should,
as we speak be recently arrived back on
American soil. And bless Michael, another
long time friend’s son who also at this time
is on American soil from a recent tour in
Afghanistan. These young men are fighting
for our us and when I say us I mean you
and I, I mean the U.S. Lets say a pray that
they remain safe and say one for their
families for the fear they go through each
time they say good bye to their loved ones.
Thank you guys!

Let’s also remember to keep the families
of the victims of 9/11 in our hearts, thoughts
and prayers today. We do not know the
suffering they have been through in the last
eight years. The children that have grown
and lived without a Mother or a Father, a
wife or a husband that lost their special
someone that day, or a grandparent, special
aunt or uncle or a best friend that was lost
that day. Let’s remember those victims that
did not get out that day, the ones that did not
get to hold their loved ones one last time, the
ones that did not get to make that last call to
say “I love you”, the ones that helped others
out to risk their own lives.

Then there are those hero’s that risked their
lives to go into those crumbling building to
save a life, the life of someone they did not
know. Those men and women who knew
when they went in that they might not see
their family again, but at that given point,
they were all about saving someone else.
Let’s pray for their families today also.

I know, like me, a lot of people wish this
war was over and our men and women
were home where they belong…..but I also
know that at in your hearts we all know that
sending them over there to defend our land,
our home, our people, our way of life was what
needed to be done. I for one, believe that it
is time to end this and bring these men and
women home, I believe that we need to
make sure something like this never happens
again but I am not sure doing it from another
country is the answer after 8 years.

We are a nation united. I think we have
always proved that, I think we will always
continue to prove that. I think that when
it comes to push and shove, you mess with
the US, you mess around with the wrong
people and we will come out fighting! I
think that point has been proved this time.
We stood together eight years ago, we stood
in disbelief, in fear, but then we pulled
together and started kicking butt!

On 9/11, eight years ago, our history, our life
as we knew it changed. Our safety on in our
home land was at risk. History was changed
and not for good, not from our choosing and
our making but because of it, it now part of
our history for generations to study and learn
and for us to remember and hold near to our
hearts for years and years to come. It was an
eye opener for our nation, for
the United States. Let’s not ever forget, but
let’s not ever repeat!

Thanks for stopping in.
Please leave a comment so I know you
were here.


Texas Shooter said…
Hey Pam, its Mark Glover.

I, too remember 9/11 like it was yesterday. I was on my way to work when I heard about it on the radio, and got back home in time to watch the 2nd tower get hit and all the drama that followed.

I, too remember stepping out that night to complete silence in the skies, with no aircraft visible in the normally super-busy lanes of aircraft coming from/going to Dallas/Fort Worth airport.

At that time I worked 2 jobs, one of which was on the 6th floor of a glass building right next door to the World Trade Center building in downtown Dallas. I can recall looking out the window at that building and wondering if it was on some kind of target list, and how badly my building would be impacted if it was.

I remember fearing for my Grandsons future in a new, uncertain world.

I agree with your thoughts on our wars abroad. The current administration does not possess the necessary intestinal fortitude to prosecute a war anywhere. That, coupled with the radical changes being made to our society back home, means that the lives our brave military folks are being meaninglessly lost.

In my opinion, many of the Freedoms that our military folks are fighting for overseas no longer exist even in our own Country.

The 9/11 anniversary, coupled with the current state of affairs in our Country have left me in a very melancholy mood.

Here's to hoping that things change for the better, and soon.

Take care, and thanks for posting your thoughts!

Amen to all of your sentiments. God bless America.


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