100/Plus a Wow

That is the score that my grandson,
Caleb got on his math test two days
ago in school.
His Nana is so very proud of him!
Way to rock it Caleb.

The teacher even added the WOW to the
top of the page which made him even prouder
of the grade he had received.

Caleb is a very smart little boy, he learns fast
and easy but the best part is he retains what
his little brain soaks in. I love it…math was
my worst subject in school. Course, I don’t
think I will really share that with him just yet.

Caleb finished the 2nd grade reading well into
a 4th grade level. He loves to read science
books and it amazes me the things he comes
out with from time to time just in a normal
conversation. I have turned to the internet a
time or two just to check it out after he has left
my house! Usually he is right on the number
with it!

Not only does he learn in school and from books
but I have had him tell me things and when I
ask where he learned that he will tell me either
on Animal Planet or The Discovery Channel.
Soak it in Sweetie…soak it all in! Keep up the
good work in Math and in all the subjects!

His little brother DJ, who will be 10 months in
two days, is growing like a weed. He went to the
dr. the other day to get a new pair of shoes for
his feet and his brace.

DJ was born with a club foot and is required
to continue to wear a brace to straighten the
foot. He wore a cast for the first 2.5 months
of his life. Hopefully this will prevent him
having to have surgery later down the road.

He is pulling up on things, he can fly (when
not in the brace) when in his walker from
room to room and is even faster crawling.
He has 5 teeth now.

Both Caleb and DJ carry their Mothers trade
mark big blue eyes ( I thought my daughter
would never grow into hers). A crystal blue color
that shines. Can’t remember what age Caleb was
when he started to walk but my daughter
Amber, their Mom was 9 months old, so she
will be chasing DJ soon I am sure.

Thanks for stopping.




Pam D said…
Oh yeah... the eyes are amazing. And way to go Caleb on the math test! Woo hoooo! The future is wide open for a boy who loves to learn!

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