Another Joke on the Neighbor

My neighbor is a firm believer that Miracle
Grow works wonders. I for one have to
agree, but I don’t mix it up and use it on
a regular basis like she did. I could look
outside and she would be carrying milk
jugs all over the backyard with this mixture
watering all the various plants here and
there, spreading the liquid love.

I worked with friend that had a lot of little
trees, maple and red buds that were about
2 to 3 feet high. She dug them up and brought
them to me to plant in my backyard since there
are not a lot of trees except on the outer edge. I
shared with my neighbor.

We planted a maple one about mid way between
the decks in the center of the backyard. Not sure
if it’s on her side, my side or in the middle. But
she took to mixing the liquid love and applying it
to this tree at least once a week.

Once again, I had a brain storm and I included my
side kick, my son. There was also a maple tree that
was growing on the side bank of the creek on the
side of my yard next to my drive. I knew that it was
not a good place for this tree to be left growing. It
just so happened that it was a lot bigger then the 3
foot size one that was being looked after by the
neighbor, maybe twice as big.

It was early one morning, Cory and I dug the tree
at the creek up, went around back and checked
her back door to be sure that she was not up and
on the deck. Then we dug the little tree up and
replaced it with the bigger tree!

My neighbor and I would do coffee on either her
deck or mine on Saturday or Sunday’s so I figured
it was coffee time. I knocked on the door. She came
to the door and I asked was she ready for coffee,
then I proceeded to tell her that the Miracle Grow
really was a MIRACLE. She looked at me and asked
what I meant, I stepped out of the way so that she
could view the tree. Her mouth dropped open and
she stumbled with her words before she saw the
look on my face and knew I done something!

Needless to say, we had a good laugh. The tree as
grown a lot in the last few years and is not so little

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Beth said…
What a fun joke! I love it :). I'm sure your neighbor is thrilled to have a bigger tree to boot. Nicely done.

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