I use to not worry about germs, and I guess
I really don’t worry about them as having
a fear that everyone is going to make me
sick. But I do seem to have developed more
of a thought about them as I have gotten

I worked with a man years ago that he

would not let you use his pen or anything
that he was working with because he was
so thoughtful about germs. Me, I am not
like that but even though I have a fleeting
thought about using a pen at a register,
I still do it. Then I make sure I wash my
hands before touching my mouth or eyes.
Recently I have started to carry in my
purse (like I need something else to carry
in that saddle bag) hand sanitizer and I
have one sitting on my desk.

I have read those emails that go around

about the bottom on your purse being a
cesspool of germs, or your cell phone
and the crap found on a lemon that is
served in your tea when you go out to
eat. These things really did make me
stop and take notice about it. So much
so that I keep anti bacterial wipes in
my car and in my desk at work. Once
a week or so I take them out and I
clean the bottom and strap of my purse
and also my cell phone with them.
I stopped drinking lemon in my tea
when I went out to eat. I asked my
daughter about that once since she
has been a waitress off and on and
she told me that the lemons come
in a crate and are taken straight
out and cut…no washing! YIKES.

When I worked in another office before

coming to work for the TN. Bureau of
Investigation a year ago, I was talking
with my friend, Theresa there in my
office. We were in the mist of a
conversation and unaware of what
I was doing while I talked I took out
the wipes and proceeded to clean my
cell phone. Theresa smiled and never
said a word, but when I started on
the purse, she laughed. I had no clue
that I was even doing this as we talked.

Theresa, another friend, Debbie and

my sister in law have been out to eat
with me enough to know that as soon
as we are seated, I am up again to go
wash my hands. I will not eat without
doing that. I can just have left the house
with clean hands, only touched the
door and the steering wheel and I still
have to go wash. It has become an on
going joke with us all. The thing here
is I notice things like this getting worse
as I get older.

I am always after my grandson, Caleb,

to wash his hands. I know he gets so
tired of hearing it. But I think I have
become a germ freak with certain things.
Now, back to the pen at the register thing,
I try to always use my own, but usually
it would take me longer to dig in my
purse (the saddle bag) to find that pen.

Also, since I live alone and I recycle

most everything I can, I don’t have a lot
of trash each week. This being the case
I take my trash once a week and put it
in my Mom’s trash can….but that requires
me hauling it over in my trunk on my way
to work, which in turn means that I have
to open her trash can (with my hands)
and then place my trash (again with my
hands!!) in there. Yikes! Mom is not up
at that hour so I can’t run in and wash
my hands, hence the anti bacterial wipes
carried in the car. This morning was drop
off trash. I took it to the trunk of my car,
went back in and washed my hands,
placed it in the trash can at Mom’s and
then took out a wipe and proceeded to
clean my hands, only to wash them again
as soon as I got to work!

Let’s take this one step further, I wash

my tomatoes, watermelons, cucumbers
and things like that with soap, not just
water! Now things lettuce, I can’t do
like that. Okay, consider me a nut or a
germ freak but these are the things that
make me feel so much better.

Thanks for stopping in,


Crystal Rae said…
Germs... i am some what of a germ freak, but I work with kids all day everyday, so I get boogers wiped on me, blown on, slobber drolled on me. But I do my best to keep the rest of me clean. LOL I dont use soap to clean veggies though. :P
Crystal Rae said…
Hey Pam, thanks for stopping by my blog. I just wanted to let you know those aren't for a child, we found them in my HUSBANDS size. :P

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