Finally Friday on Thursday - Holiday

I love the short work weeks for I am
actually off an extra day but on the
flip side, that work week seems so
long at times!

Today is Thursday and as a state employee

I have tomorrow off to celebrate July 4th.
The way it works here in TN. is that if
the holiday falls on a Saturday you get
Friday before off, if it falls on Sunday,
you get the next Monday off. Nice and
easy way of keeping up with it.

The state gives us 11 holidays thru the

year. At Christmas time we actually
get a couple more days added to that.
We get New Years Day, Martin Luther
King Day, President’s Day (for Lincoln
and Washington, we use to get a day
each for this), Good Friday, Memorial
Day, Independence Day, Labor Day,
Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving (we do
consider Columbus Day in Oct. as a
holiday, but we usually vote it out and
vote in the day after Thanksgiving),
and of course, Christmas. On Christmas
we usually get 3 days, and that depends
on where and when Christmas falls in
the week. Sometimes we will get Christmas
Eve, Day and the day after. I have known
us to have Christmas Day (maybe on a
Monday) then we will get the two days
after, or the Friday before and one day
after. It can get confusing writing it all
out but believe me….as an employee, we
keep up with it and we KNOW when we
are to be off.

Anyway, tomorrow is our 4th Holiday,

which is Friday. So that makes today
our Friday work day. Tomorrow…..
what can I get into with a whole extra
day to play with????

Have a great 4th everyone.
Thanks for stopping in….


Pam D said…
Oh dear. Nashville needs to prepare itself and batten down it's hatches; Hurricane Pam is on the way!!! Hee hee... have fun! Enjoy your 3 day weekend, and make the most of it! We will stay home.. grill ribs, eat 'em with potato salad and cole slaw, fire off some artillery (that big fireworks place in Chattanooga on the way back from Nashville is quite useful) and chill out. Just the way I like it, especially after 4 days of scout camp! My blisters need a break....

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