Visit, Nancy

On Thursday, May 28th, a friend flew in from Ohio
to visit. Nancy and I have been friends for a year
and a half now but we had never really met face to face.
We met over a website called Clubmom. Actually, Nancy
and my cousin, Kathy became friends before Nancy and
I did. We were all on the same site.
Clubmom was a site (it is no longer a working site since
December 08), where Mom’s went on to meet, discuss,
talk, and to share pictures. It was a really easy site to
get around in. When you signed up you were given a
calendar on your page that you were able to download
a picture to each day. Only one per day. The calendar
would change over to the next month at the end of each
month. But you could go back to any month and view
anyone’s photo’s or go back by the year. You could
post your family, pets, vacation spots, nature shots…
just whatever you wanted. With this site you met
Mom’s, and some Dad’s, you met their children
or grandchildren, sister’s and brothers and pets.
You were able to learn a lot about others and
view some amazing photo’s taken all over.

There was a profile page for each person, you
could put whatever you wanted to about yourself
or as little. I met a lot of people that I am still in
touch with via Facebook now.

Nancy, Kathy and I continued our friendship via
the phone and computer since the ending of Clubmom.
We send Christmas gifts, birthday gifts and just pick
me ups through the postal service but we had never met.

The three of us were trying to plan a girls weekend
away in Chattanooga . Nancy was to fly from Ohio
to Nashville and her and I were to drive there,
Kathy was to drive up from Georgia so that the
three of us could get to know each other face to
face and share the time out and about with our
camera’s. Kathy was unable to meet us in
Chattanooga so Nancy and I decided to stay in
Nashville and I drug her around my stomping
grounds to photograph this, that and whatever else.

I had a great time, she is quite, which I am not.
She is so sweet and giving. I hope that she had
a good time here and I did not wear her out
dragging her everywhere. I put her on the
plane home yesterday evening.

We made a trip around my area. Introducing
her to family and friends. We went to Watertown
because she had seen some shots I did there
and she wanted to try those same shots. We
went to 2nd Ave. downtown, to a lake at
Summit Hospital, to Centennial Park, The
Parthenon, to the Farmers Market, around
the Capitol and then to Gaylord Hotel in the
Conservatory. I think she went home with
over 500 shots to play with.

It was really nice to finally meet face to face.
To have our friendship grow to that next stage.
Maybe one day she will be able to take me
around her home to photograph any and
everything! Thanks for the visit Nancy ,
I so enjoyed it.



Anonymous said…
Hi Ms Pam, You did good! Your photos came out the curving steps and how you captured them in your 'photo frame'. Well done! I so enjoyed my visit, getting to know you and as you say, taking our friendship to the next level. Your friends and family were so very nice...thank u! It was wonderful to just go around and 'snap' a few pics with a fellow enthusiast. Our views on the 'photo opportunities' around us was 'like' in so many ways...yet different. That was so neat! I missed Kathy and her not being able to meet us.. That would have been a blast! Your cousin, who's friendship I also treasure, is one of a kind! Maybe another place and time;us 3! I would be please to show u around our stomping grounds...just let me know. Take care and thank you again.. Hugs, Nancy M.; Ohio

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