Always something to do

I commented on a friend’s blog this morning
that I have been so busy that I have not been
blogging daily like I was in the beginning.
Spring and summer brings so much to do
that you would not be doing in the winter time.

For me it is the re-new part of life…
the old, paint, clean, redo, work in the yard
and all that kind of stuff. I have been working
on trying to get some of those things done lately.

I don’t cut my yard anymore (NO….it is not
over grown), I hire my future son in law to
cut my yard. Course, it would not hurt me to
get out and do it, I could use that as exercise,
but with the allergies that have been kicking
in this spring, I am pretty much staying away
from cutting. Also with that, I have not been
working the yard, flower beds and things like
that either. Flowerbeds use to be my out, that
is when I did thinking and planning. I gave that
up years ago when I was watching my grandson,
Caleb in the evening while my daughter Amber
worked nights. I live on a creek and those blood
sucking bugs come out in the summertime really
bad. I could not take the little man out in the
evenings cause the bugs seemed to love the
NEW blood! So I dismantled most of my beds,
now I think I have to much of other stuff
going on and that is my excuse for not having
lot’s of flowers….that is my excuse and I am
sticking to it!

With that said, I did make me a patio on
the side of my house, within the shade of
the house…..but alas, it is also on the side
of the creek. I bought the stepping stones
for the patio last fall. I cleared away gravel
in the driveway for the stones, only to give
up because it was such hard work. I had
managed to get the worst of it done, then
I hired my future son in law again to come
and spread sand and level the stones only
to find out that I needed more to make it
wider. A few weeks ago, I purchased more
stones and I leveled these myself. Nice little
sitting area but I so hate bugs!

Since my work outdoors was done, I
moved indoors. I had company coming
in and I so wanted to update the bathroom
upstairs with at least new paint. I actually
started that the first of May only to develop
sinus/allergy problems that would not seem
to leave me. That put me behind for a couple
of weeks, in time for me to rush to get it
finished before my company came. I worked
so hard for 3 days, and I am still not finished.

I primed the walls, the baseboards and door
frames, I then painted the same items with
several coats. I pulled out old caulk and
reapplied that. I repaired the wall above the
shower, then I laid a floor. I still have new
doors to hang to replace the old. I have a new
faucet to install, need to get a new sink to install
at the same time, but I think this is work I will
hire done. I tried to do the faucet but I could not
seem to develop the strength needed to get a
knob off the old faucet! Then I want to frame
out the mirror and install a new light system.
Always something!

The other rooms upstairs are yelling at me
for new paint. That will be something I will
work on through the summer. Caleb’s
room at my house will be next. After I
finish his room, my room and the hall I
will need to tackle the craft/art room,
which I painted once upon a time in a
dark green (what was I thinking). Those
walls will require priming before painting.

Carpet will be coming up in Caleb’s room
and will be replaced. Carpet will also come
up in the craft/art room and I will put a
floor down. It’s not a pretty site to drop
oil paint on carpet. The carpet in there
now bares the scars of the paintings
I have done!!

Anyway, that is what has been keeping me
busy lately, and apparently will be keeping
me busy for a while to come. Pic’s are
from the bathroom repairs and new
floor. Also including one of my patio.



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