Happy Birthday Jessica...

Today is my niece’s birthday. She is turning 17.

Some friends of Lori and Ray’s that have
been living in the guest house at Ray’s
for the past 3 months have taken Jessie
home with them for two weeks, so she
is spending her birthday in the UK this
year. Tim and Allsion have been here
while Tim went to a flying school to learn
to fly a helicopter. Tim will be returning
to Nashville in two weeks and will be
bringing Jessie home then.

Jessie is a mild and meek girl, very quite.
Sometimes you do not realize she is in the
room. That is a difference from all the
others in my family. We are vocal, and
people know when we are around because
we like to talk.

I met Jessie when she was about 7 years
of age. Her Mom, Lori, married my brother,
Ray and I was blessed with a new sister in
law, a new niece and nephew.

Jessie is a tiny blonde that loves chicken
fingers and fries! I remember on our cruise
that is all she would eat. But even with that,
she doesn’t eat a lot. She and her Mom are
really close.

I have not spent a lot of one of one time with
Jessie other then a night here and there when
I was house sitting and she returned from her
Dad’s. I have tried to pick at her like I do all
the other niece’s and nephew’s but she just
looks at me and smiles. Not saying anything
back to get me going on a roll! One day Jessica,
I will get the better of you!

I really hope that Jessie has a great time in the
UK. Learning a different culture and meeting
new people will be so much fun for her. It will
be an experience to always have and remember.

Have fun girl, take lots of pictures.

Happy Birthday Jessie.

Thanks for stopping in,

PS....this is the last birthday wish for family members for the
month of June (course it is almost the end of June now)!! lol


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