Happy Birthday, Holly

Holly has grown up on us all to fast. I remember when she
was born, that was 14 years ago tomorrow.

Her parents are my brother, Mark and Kim. She is an only
child and she has her Dad's sense of humor. She is a cut up
and an entertainer all the way around. There is not much
this girl can't do.

Mark was racing before Holly came along at the old Nashville
speedway. The night that Kim was rushed to he hospital to
have Holly, Mark was due to start on the pole at the track.
He handed the car over to Steve Addington to run the race
in his place. Steve took home first place that night and when
he was interviewed he made the statement that he won that
race for Mark. Later Mark stopped racing since he did not
want to take any chances, he wanted to be able to be around
and raise his new daughter.

Holly was different then most babies. When trying to
get a baby to lay down and sleep, you usually keep everything
quite, not with Ms. Holly, most times to get her to sleep they
ran the vacuum cleaner or Mark turned on a tape of racing.
Usually she fell off to sleep. I guess that is a throw back from
listening to the races at the track while Dad raced before she
was born.

Like I said, Holly is an entertainer. She has been a part of the
drama camp for two years during the summer that takes
place at her school. She has also acted in a play held by the
local play house. Next year Holly will be in the 9th grade and
she can join the drama class full time at her school.

Every year for the last couple of years Holly and I have done
a girls night out and we take in the play that her school drama
class puts on. This past April was our last time to go together.
Next year I will be sitting out there with my family watching
Holly perform. I am so looking forward to it.
But that is not where the entertaining stops....she has been
known to put on little shows while just walking through a
room full of family. She is a mess but we all love her.

She is excellent in school, making A's and every so often a B.
Both Kim and Mark are very smart and I can see where she
has gotten it from. But I think she takes her photographic
memory from her Granny, my Mom.

She is also a part of the school's choir program. They take
a couple of trips a year to sing in other states. She has
been to Washington and St. Louis this past school year.
Holly has a good heart although she has been going
through that "teen attitude" lately. But we still love her.

Holly, I just wanted to wish you a very happy b-day. I
wish you only the best and I know that you will always
the best of everything. HaPpY BiRtHdAy Sweetie.

Thanks for stopping in,


Holly being Holly...or is it Cher.


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