Fireworks, Midnight, Idiots

Last night at midnight, through the work week,
the idiot two doors up decided to start celebrating
the 4th of July early.

I heard the fireworks about an hour and 15 minutes
after me falling off to sleep. Now, keep in mind, my
sleep is important because I have so many sleep
issues as it is. So here I am sleeping so well, when
the noise woke me. I rolled back over and tried to
go back off to sleep when I hear it again, and again
…..and yet again! Needless to say, I was not a happy

I laid there a bit then I decided to get up and go
stand on the porch. I guess the lights flipping on
in the house kind of made them stop and think,
because by the time I got the front door open,
they stopped…….but by this time, I was awake
and not at all happy. I was thinking that I wished
they had those fireworks put where to sun did not
shine and I had the match!

I stayed awake for about 15 minutes, but the
sleep had already been disturbed. After getting
back into bed, suiting back up with my mask
and turning the machine on (sleep apnea)
and aying there awhile, thinking, I fell
back off to sleep. That did not last long,
I guess when I ripped the equipment off
the first time I loosened the straps and I
kept being waken by the sound of air
escaping. I was to tired to wake enough
to do something about it so I fought with
that all the rest of the night. Five A.M
comes early enough anyway, but when
you toss and turn and fight the pillows,
the covers, the mask, the idiots next door,
it comes earlier, or seems like it does.

Okay, so there are a few more days till the
4th and I wonder if this will be a nightly thing
till then or even after. Well, as I laid awake
thinking after being woke, I came to a conclusion
on what I could do if this happens again. I think
I will have to have a pack (yes, a whole pack) of
fireworks on hand, and I should go and place
them under the master bedroom window, light
them and leave, at 5 A.M in the morning.
Sounds like a plan to me and if I am ticked
enough, I will do it.

I have no problems with fireworks going off
through the week at a decent hour. I have no
problem with them going off all night on Friday
or Sat. night, but when I have to get up and go to
work the next morning, I have a problem with it.

I so wish people would stop and think about
others around them, if not they need to move
to a farm with lots of land so they can be idiots
without disturbing the neighbors.

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