I have always liked dolphins, but my daughter Amber

loves them. They are such beautiful creatures that swim

with such grace through the water.

I have been lucky enough to say that I have swam with

them, petted them and even received a kiss from one.

With my fear of water and the fact I can’t swim, that

is saying a lot.

In October 2006, my lovely sister in law and I took

another cruise (our second). We flew to Miami Fla.

to board our ship and from there we traveled to

Cozumel, Mexico. Once there we got off the ship

and prepared for our swim. There were two dolphins

that we were to swim with. We had two coach’s

( to coach us) or trainers ( for the dolphins). There

were several people in our group including Lori’s

Mom, Eva, and her Dad, George. Let me just say right

now that I am George’s adopted daughter according to

him…and that is just fine with me.

We were introduced to the dolphins when they were

told with hand singles to swim in front of us standing

on a gated type platform attached to the dock. They

made several trips in front of us and we were instructed

to hold our hands out and pet them as they past. We

were then told, one at a time to swim out into the

ocean, in the pen of the dolphins and then they would

bring us back. That worked for most but since Eva

and I did not swim, we were pulled out there.

My first trip with the dolphins was to lay out on my

tummy and as they swam by me on each side I was

to reach out and take a fin. I was pulled by them back

to the dock are. It was so neat. Then my next swim

came only after the trainer begged me to go and do

it….it was the fear of water in my face that was

stopping me. Then I decided, what the heck, go

for it. And I did, which by the way is documented

on a CD for all who wish to see it.

I was taken back out and I had to float on my tummy

again, only with my feet and hands out a certain way.

Both dolphins came up and placed their nose at the

arch of both feet, going back to the dock and pushing

me up out of the water. I was flying on the nose of

two dolphins. I loved it, but then they started to

lower me as we got near the dock. That is where

I shouted “oh crap (not the word I used), for fear

of the water in my face. But it was not at all bad.

The kiss~~~ they come right up and place their nose

into your open hand and you lean in and kiss them……

mine was not leaving, I think he wanted to French.

He kept staying there with his nose in my hand

looking at me!

The dance~~~ you get out into the water, away from

the dock and turn around and around and they will

do the same in front of you.

The song ~~~ They both were told by hand singles

that we were giving to sing. Both sang by making a

different sound. It was so neat.

I never thought, except that once about the fear I have

of water. It was so worth it to get out there and do

that and I would do it again in a heart beat. So if you

ever happen to be at my home ask to see the CD!

It’s so funny..

Thanks for stopping by,



Pam D said…
Oh, how wonderful! Chuck and I did a dolphin experience in the Bahamas in the early 90's... we didn't swim with them but did get to pet them and be in the water with them. And hey, what IS it about Pam's? I can't swim, either.. isn't THAT funny? Thanks for such a great post; I felt like I was there with you....

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