Relay for Life

Cloud of Witness group

Last Friday night was Relay for Life at Summit
Hospital in Hermitage, Tennessee. I don’t have
a group but a friend of mine does.

Tammy lost her husband in 2006 to lung cancer.
He was a young man, actually right around my age.
Tammy and Bill have two beautiful, good and
sweet daughters. I know that the struggle through
Bill’s illness was hard on all of them. But Tammy
and the girls have their faith and have a great
standing in their church. I know that the church
and the members were a great support for Tammy
and the girls in their time of need.

A few months after losing Bill, Tammy got
involved in Relay for Life. This year was her
and the girls 4th year to have a group, Cloud
of Witness.

In the four years I have only missed one year
that I was unable to attend Relay and support
Tammy and her group. Last year I donated a
painting to the silent auction with the proceeds
going to Relay (Tammy’s group) and this year
I donated a necklace and earrings to the cause.
Also, last year I went to Relay dressed as my
famous clown, Rag-a-Muffin ( I have been
dressing as this for way over 20 years for one
reason or another).

I walked several laps last Friday night. The first
one was for survivors and caregivers. I walked that
lap with Tammy since I have had several members
of my family in my life that has suffered from
cancer. My nephew, Sean being one. He was
eight when we lost him after four years of
treatment, care, love and prayers. I walked
that one for you, Sean. Through the night
I walked more laps for other members and
people I know that lost their life to cancer.

Tammy and her girls have continued to grow
in their love of family, church and life together
since they lost Bill. They have been really
strong and a great supporting group for the
fight against cancer. I hope to be able to support
her in this event for years to come.

Thanks Tammy, Megan, and Macy for your
work with finding the cure for cancer!



Anonymous said…
Hello Ms Pam..such a great cause for you to get involved in..and such awesome support for your friend Tammy and family. Your Rag-a-Muffin costume is a hoot...leave it to you...but you look the part ..let me tell you..and you have the humor to pull it off. All the best to Tammy and family. Keep up the beautiful 'works of art' you make for these organizations you are involved in. I'm sure they very much appreciate it. Praying for a cure! Nancy M; Ohio

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