Boarding School or Jail - Finish or Jail Break


Hi all.

My nephew Cobi, age 15, has been attending a boarding school
the last two years (here in referred to as JAIL) in Colorado.
He came home this week for good, or did he perform a
daring jail break???

My brother, Ray, had a welcome home party for Cobi Friday
night. A SURPRISE party. We all arrived earlier then
Cobi. Mom was to bring him later, as if dropping
him off at home. Only to have him walk in on a house full
of friends and family...all wearing correctional institute "orange".
Ray had gotten everyone orange t-shirts with the name of
school on the back with the words "county jail" after it.

Cobi was totally surprised and I am sure touched. He was
going around saying hi to all and everyone was fixing
their plates with some really good food. When all of a sudden
a real live police officer (friend of the family and Cobi's) came
in with a Warrant for Cobi's arrest. He read off the warrant
to Cobi and asked why Cobi left his school in Colorado. Cobi
of course replied that he had finished his schooling there, or
his "TIME" there. The look on Cobi's face said he was
sure this was a joke until Officer Glenn asked him
was he sure. Then that look changed just a bit to appear to
have a look of concern, "did I finish everything or have
they really sent a warrant to have me picked up". Young
minds are so easy to mess with. The Officer then proceeded
to cuff Cobi.

After the cuffing, Det. Don (another friend of the family and
Officer Glenn's uncle) proceeded to read the name of the
signing judge on the warrant, Judge U Been Fooled. Such
relieve upon Cobi's face, and laughter all around.

The house was decorated with balloons. Orange small ones
blown up and put around the welcome home cake. Ray
had spent time recording all the jail, jail and jail break
songs he could find. Those songs played in the background
as the party went on.

Ray grilled burgers and hot dogs. There was potato salad,
baked beans, all the fixings for the burgers, watermelon,
pineapple, cake and the most tasty homemade banana
pudding. Yummy. It was all so good.

Swimming for the kids. Caleb, my grandson being the first
to jump in. But later others joined in.

Cobi has made his jail break, with no out standing warrants
to send him back. He is back here with his family
and friends and he is so happy to be home.

Thanks for a wonderful party and get together Ray and Lori.
Everyone who worked on the party did a great job.

Thanks for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
Awww I missed the! But thank you for describing it all in so much detail...I feel like I was there (smile).. Ow wow what wonderful parents Ray and Lori are.... Very cool! And the joke played on Cobi...complete with Officers of the Law...OMG that was a very good one! Welcome home Cobi! You are a very fortunate and loved young man! All the best to you always. Nancy M.; Ohio

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