Wild Ride

Years ago I owned a 1987 GM Sierra pickup.
Big thing, with big hauling mirrors on the side
and you had to step up into it. Loved that truck.

My brother Ray gave me that truck when it was
about 5 years old. It had the hauling mirrors on
the side because that is what they used to haul
Chase’s race car around when he started racing

I had not had the truck a couple of weeks when the
motor went out. Well, Ray was not going to let that
be a problem so he had another one put in for me.
Let me say, right here and now that I have two of
the most awesome brothers around.

After having the truck repaired things seemed
to be going well for awhile. Then one thing or
another would go out. Master cylinders for the
brakes, wheel cylinders, alternator, to the
regular stuff like brakes and shocks. It even
with stood the tornados that hit downtown
16 years ago. Most cars were thrown around,
into each other, glass blown out, but not my
truck. But the one thing that really got me
the most was when the accelerator stuck…
while I was driving. Not just down a nice,
quite, calm road but interstate 40 at rush
hour….talk about a wild ride!

The truck had been working just fine until
this one day. Actually it was fine that
morning and when I got in it to go home.
But where I entered the interstate is one
of those deals that you are getting on but
then cars need to get over to get off right
in front of you. So…I gunned it. I had a
clear shot and I was getting out of the
way. When I did that, my accelerator
stuck. I kept tapping the gas pedal and
trying to get my foot under it to lift it up
as I drove. No such luck. I could apply the
brakes, standing on them to get me to slow
enough that I did not hit anyone…of course
I was moving from one lane to the other and
for rush hour I was in luck, traffic was light.

I kept thinking I needed to pull over but I was
not to thrilled about that thought on that side
of town, so I kept going. I did so well it is scary.
When I got to my exit, things were not looking
so good. As you bear off the exit and then travel
over the interstate, you come to a red light.
At this point I knew there was no stopping and
the car in front of me had already came to a
complete stop. I moved to the side of the road,
stood on the brakes and cut the truck off. Luck
would have it that it came to a stop. I had not
hit anyone, and I was safe.

Now, since cell phones were not popular at that
point in time, I had to walk a few blocks to a
phone, in dress shoes! I tried to call my Mother,
no answer. I tried to call both my brothers,
no luck there. So I had to call my neighbor,
she came and got me, laughing the whole time,
took me to pick up my son and take him to meet
his Dad.

I had to have the truck towed to the house.
The guy who towed it was so nice that he even
popped the hood and took a look at the gas
pedal cable. It appeared to not be a big deal.
Apparently, the cable is covered by a plastic
tubing, my tubing had gotten dry, brittle and
it had cracked. When I hit the pedal getting
on the interstate, and then I let up, that brittle
cracked part hung on something else and would
not let go. As it was, I took the truck to the shop
to find out, yes, that was the problem and
everything else was fine. Even the brakes that
I was so sure I burned up!

What a wild ride!

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Pam D said…
Sweet mercy, girl... you could have your own sit-com... except that it would have to have drama night at least once a month! I just don't think I know anyone who has had as many crazy, funny, and interesting things happen to them as you! I'm so glad you survived your wild ride... I suppose we should just call you The Intimidator from now on and be done with it. !

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