Spring Showers

Those April Showers have moved into May it
seems. Although we can always use the rain,
I like it better when it comes a day at a time
and not several in a row. Here in Nashville
we have scattered showers that started on
Tuesday, and this morning we have had
several really good rains. Apparently a storm
or two came through last night but I slept
through that!

This being Friday I would love to know that

the weekend is rain free, but that is not the
case. And there are so many things going on
this weekend around Nashville and the surrounding
counties. I personally would love to take in the
Nashville Craft Fair but at the same time I am
thinking I need to stay home and start working
around the house…rooms to paint and things to
do. Maybe with the rain, that will keep me home
and maybe I can get something’s done.

As I type this the rain beating against my window

here at work as slowed down. At least maybe that
will mean I will not get as wet going to the car for

The sky’s look gray, cloudy and there is rain on the

window, but…the grass looks so green and pretty
when it is fresh from a rain. There again, that
leaves the fact that, mine will grow more and
require more another cutting soon. Always

Hope that you all enjoy a loving, beautiful,

nice sunny weekend.


Pam D said…
It's raining here, too. Maybe some of the clouds over my house right now have already passed over you; isn't that a strange thought? I'm glad for the rain, though; we've had such a bad drought for years. It's been a long time since we've headed into summer without already being behind on rainfall, and the flowers around here are prettier than they've been in a long time. Gotta have the rain to have the flowers...

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