Hello. Been a few days since I last posted on my blog
here. But sometimes life gets in the way of things like
this. My last post told about allergies, this time of year
and stuff like that. Well, the allergies kicked up and
actually put me down for a few days. I use to take
allergy shots but I stopped them 3 years ago. The
last couple of years have not been bad but this year
I paid. Funny thing about it was that the pollen count
was way down to almost nothing when it hit me….
but I am sure what got me was mold spores.
Over 7 days of rain and the mold kicks in.

Anyway, enough about that.

Over the last 5 or 6 years I have reconnected with
several people that I attended high school with
(the internet is great). I was able to do this via our
school website (which is awesome and manned by
one guy) or Facebook. But anyway, back about six
years ago I started wondering about people from
school, I think it’s part of getting older and you
want to kind of connect or reconnect with your
younger days….your youth, the same youth that
seems to have slipped away more and more lately.

Through friends from school and our website you
learn about people you went to school with that
have past on. Our website also has a remembrance
section that keeps up with the year someone has
past on and what year they graduated. At the same
time if you are a signed up member of this site, you
get an email letting you know these things also.

Tomorrow one of our class members will be buried.
He makes the ninth one since we graduated in 1978.
Unfortunately he makes the third one this year.
Just two weeks ago we lost another one. This is
moving way to fast. We may not be young kids
anymore but we are not that old at 48/49 years
of age. It’s an eye opener. Like a friend of mine
said just last night, “it’s not our grandparents,
or our parents anymore, it is our generation”.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Jeff’s family
at this time and to all the families of the ones we
have lost from the class of 78 before Jeff.

And let me also say that I am thankful for the
reconnections that I have made in the last few
years. We were a graduation class of just over 300,
but the most of us had gone to school with each
other from 1st grade on up (for me it was 2nd
grade). So its nice to have that now even though
there was so many years there when some went
to college, we married and started our own families
that we lost touch. By the way, if anyone is reading
this….Pam D that I blog with is one of the
reconnections. We had 3 Pam’s in our classes
in elementary school. It was easy for the teachers
to call me Pam M. and Pam Goodman, Pam G…
but the rough part came when Pam D (was an M
then) and I were in the same class. Since we have
reconnected we now go by the other Pam, P1 or P2
….but she told me in an email earlier today that I
could go by THE P! I am thinking about that, but
for now, she goes by P2 and according to her I am
P1. Here’s to reconnection P2!

Thanks for stopping in,


Pam D said…
Awwwww! And I thought for SURE it was gonna be about me and snakes! Thanks, P1... I'm so glad that technology put us back in touch! I'm really looking forward to the next reunion; I know I'll have someone to sit with and feel comfortable. I moved away to college at 18 and have only been back for short periods of time, so the last couple of reunions that I made it to (20th especially) were awkward for me. But now? I can't wait!! :<)

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