Kids on the Block Fund Raiser - Chair-ish the Kids

Thursday night I attended the fund raiser for
the Kid's on the Block, Chair-ish
the kids. Kid's is a non profit group that
takes puppets into the schools, churches,
and other organizations to teach kids about
life's issues, like blindness, deafness,
CP, teen pregancy and so much more.

Every year they hold an annual fund raiser that
is centered around chairs. Most items donated by
local artist involve chairs, painted chairs, decorated
chairs, and paintings of chairs.

I have been a part of Kid's for the last 5 years. The
first year I donated a childs painted rocking chair.
The next year it was a stool with Jack and the Beanstalk
painted on it. The last 3 years I have donated a painting
with a chair in it. Those items can be seen in my post
for Feb. 21, 2008 (Charish the Kids)and then this years
project is posted on Feb. 22, 2009 (Granny's Front Porch).

During the fund raiser, there is a live auction which is
so much fun to watch. I saw a wooden, hand made toilet
seat, shaped like a hippo with the top of the lid being
painted like a hippo go for $400.00!

Then there is a silent auction where the most of the items
are put for people to bid on. I am pleased to say that
my painting this year for $90.00.

The first year I was at the fund raiser with
my friend, Phil. Matter of fact, he is the one that
got me into it. The next 3 years, I attended alone.
So this year I got my friend Debbie
involved in it. That way I was not attending
alone. Each artist gets a free ticket, but if you
bring someone, that ticket would
cost $100.00 each. My friends can't afford that.

The event I think was a good one.
There were so many people
there, lots of items for auction. It was nice.

Below you will find some pics of the puppets.
If you look closely you will see the people dressed
in black that operate these puppets. Also attached
is a few of the chairs. Enjoy....



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