My niece Holly, who I have written about before
went out for class president for her school. Last
week she found out that she got it. Her best
friend Grace got the VP spot. Holly worked on
her posters, which were so cute. The
slogan she used was “Got Holly, She does a student
body good”. I am so proud of her.

Yesterday she took part in her Volley Ball teams
car wash. To funny to watch these kids out TRYING
to wash cars while they are goofing off. But I can
honestly say that she
took a part in washing her aunts car!

My other niece, Jessica, went to her prom the
other night. Beautiful dress but I have to question
the shoes! She wore some strange looking tennis
shoes, high tops with this silky long dress.
Go figure….Kids. To funny. I did not see the outfit
on her, she did show me both the
dress and shoes a week or so ago, but Lori my
sister in law sent me pics.

These girls are nuts! Anyway, I know Holly
will do a good job and she is very out going.
And I so hope that Jessy had
a good time at her prom.

The pics above are of Holly working on her
posters for President, her sign and he laying
down to show off the sign cause it was still
wet and thick and we did not want
the paint to run.

The pic's below are of my niece Jessica and
her boyfriend, and one of Jessy and her Mom,
my sister in law, Lori.

Thanks for stopping in,

Lori (sister in law) and Jessy


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