Art Showing

Last Saturday was my night. I had my very first art showing
for my paintings. The showing took place at a small gallery
in Watertown TN. Owners Mitch and Dianna Laney, Gallery
of the Mad House Wife. Awesome, cute older building in
a small town about 45 minutes outside of Nashville.

I have been painting for almost 9 years now. Not finding
out I could do it until I was 40 years old. I had taken art class
the last two yrs. of high school. I painted a couple of paintings, one
of which hung in my Mom's dinning room from 12th grade until
I produced my first painting in oils. Mom got the first one since
she is the reason I took up painting.

I started sketching in color pencils and Mom saw some
of the things I had done. She told me then that I needed
to take up painting. Told me to look into taking a class.
I of course said I would but just put off
calling places. One day while leaving my brothers house,
she saw people going into a home two doors down with canvas'.
Mom went down to checkit out to find out that a woman taught
oil painting in her home twice a week.
Mom got her number and I called. I took classes under
Shirley Pharris for six years, every Tue. night. Thanks
MOM! Love you.

In the years that I have been painting I have turned out
over 80 paintings. My brother Ray, owning an 11,000
square foot home has made me feel
really special because he has over 10 of my paintings
hanging in his home...

With all that said, back to my night. The showing started
at 7 and went to 10. I showed with another artist, a
photographer, Trevor Elloit. I had 30 paintings
hung for show and sell. I sold two that night with hopes
that more will sellin the next couple of weeks. I will be
taking them down around May 25th.

I was so touched that I had 30 people alone come
to the showing for me. The gallery invited people and
so did Trevor. I want to thank my family for coming:
My Mom, my brothers, Mark and Ray, their wifes Kim
and Lori. My neice Holly, and my nephew Chase and
his wife Susan. They brought Susan's sister in law,
Jennifer with them. special guest, my grandson,
Caleb. On top of thanking them I want to thank some of my
old high school friends, (yes, high school), Danny and Cindy
Gibbs and Terry Shores. I also had older
friends that came out for my night, Barb and Phil Ware.
Barb and I have been friends for 37 or more years. Phil
was a welcomed friend, being he married Barb
30 years ago. Larry Myers, from the neighborhood I grew
up in. Wendy Brink and her hubby, Alan. Wendy drove the
longest to come, from McEwen TN. which is
about an hour and 45 min. away. Wendy is 36 and I babysat
her from the age of 3 months to 3 yrs. when she moved out of
town. There was also my boss from work, Bob and his wife,
Terry. Deborah and Cindy, the two women I work so closely
with everyday ...and the ones I share daily laughter with.
Cindy brought her sister, Joy and Deborah brought her
boyfriend, Bill and son, Charlie. Then there are newer
friends like Stacey and her daughter, Ashley. Ashley
brought her boyfriend with her also.

I have to also thank to other friends. Debbie Martin and
Theresa Montgomery. Debbie being an old friend, 28 yrs.
and Theresa being a newer friend of just
2 years. Debbie was a great help and knew I had so
much going so she wanted to help with food. She furnished
summer sausage, cheese and crackers. Theresa,
a professional photographer supplied her services
of photography for my special
night. Thanks so very much you two.

I furnished two bottles of wine, couple bottles of soda
drinks and cookies. Trevor and his wife brought a couple
of bottles of wine, a fruit tray and veggie tray. The
gallery furnished wine, drinks and cookie snacks also.

My night was the best. Thanks to all that came and helped
out! I love you all. I also want to give a shout out to my
sister in law, Lori, for the beautiful flowers and
to another new friend, Nancy, who all the way from Ohio
arranged to have a bottle of wine waiting for me at the gallery
for my showing! Thank you also to Aunt Donna
and Aunt Martha who emailed me with best wishes
early on the day of the show. Love you!

Enjoy the pics. The one of the couple with me, is Mitch
and Dianna, the owners.
The next is my Mom and Caleb with me.
Next, my family. Thats me in front
of the gallery.

Thanks for stopping in,



Anonymous said…
It was a great evening! So very glad I could be a part.
Stacy said…
It was a great night Pam! I had such a great time!! Ashley and I are so proud of you!

Love ya!

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