Houdini Dog Part II

If you read yesterday’s blog you
will understand this one, but if
you did not read yesterday’s blog….
go back and do it now. You have
to get the full effect by reading
Part One.

Rosco was a source of entertainment
in his own way. Let me also throw
in here that Rosco is still around,
only he has new owners now. He
lives in KY. with a gentleman that
from what I understand, has room
for him to run and have fun. This
man has had boxers before and I
also understand that he loves Rosco.

Now back to the story of the Doggie
Day Care and the report card that
Rosco did not get:

When I returned from Daytona
after the race I got on the
computer and I wind dinged
up a report from this Day Care
for Rosco. He was graded on
his personality, manners,
behavior and just him in general.
He rated an A for his loving,
winning personality. I can’t
remember exactly what grades
I gave him on other stuff but he
did not fail. There were notes
written that stated that he related
well with the horses when he was
walked down there, he got along
with all the other animals in the
Day Care, but he really needed to
work on his manners and behavior
when left alone. Like I said, can’t
remember all of it but it went on
and on.

I put it in an envelope, addressed
it to Mr. and Mrs., had the name
of the Day Care on the envelope
also, but I knew it would be post
marked Nashville. I knew Ray
would catch this. So I called Lori
and told her to make sure she got
the mail for the next couple of
days and to open it, tearing through
the postmark.

One night a few days later I get a
call from Lori. She is laughing so
hard. Mail came! Ray was walking
through the house calling Mom
and his son telling them that Rosco
got a report card and he made good
grades, but he needed to work on
this and that!

Okay……so months down the road,
Ray was never been told differently
about he card. I drive to Memphis to
attend a race. Ray went to school in
Martin TN. and three of his best
college friends and roommates live
in Memphis. They came over for
the race. Ray is out and about
around the track leaving Lori and
I alone with these friends. Lori
proceeds to tell these guys about
the time in Daytona, Rosco’s
behavior and the report card.
Shortly after that my brother
comes in. One of the guys starts
asking him about it and the looks
I was getting was going to give it
away, so I owned up. I told Ray
the report card came from me and
that I had got him! He looked at
me and said “you did that”…laughed
once and forgot about it!

I am not sure if you enjoyed this story
or not but maybe you just had to be
there! It was funny all the way

After awhile Rosco’s behavior got
better. With other dogs in the house
and the tv running, he could be left
alone with out making a mess. Also,
when my family went out of town
on a plane and Rosco could not go,
I would go and house and dog sit.
Rosco would pout when he saw
suitcases but he perked up when
he saw me coming. This dog thought
I was his “Aunt”….I was sitting on
the floor once and one of the other
dogs came around, Rosco stood over
my lap and growled. Another time,
he did the same thing only I was
sitting on the couch and his big body
was pushing me into the cushions.
Even once I spoke to him when I
entered the house, then I took the
bird out of the cage. After I put the
bird back and went to speak to
Rosco again, he turned his head
away from me like he was mad
at me.

I would have loved to have had him,
but my house was not big enough
and then again, there would not have
been anyone to stay with him during
the day. I miss him and I actually
teared up when I heard he was gone
and I had not seen him to tell him
goodbye. But like I said, I understand
he is the center of attention where
he is and they love him.

Thanks for stopping in,


Pam D said…
I love the whole story... what a funny, crazy dog! He has a sweet face... bless his big ol' heart, he just wanted to be with his pack. Can't blame a dog for that! You need to find a way to see him again... really...
Anonymous said…
OMG Pam...I just laughed so hard when I read this...'Houdini' how apropos that is.. That says a lot for Lori and Ray … they were perfect for this little guy with all their patience and affection. You…well honey, you could charm just about anyone, and therefore, I’m not surprised Rosco here got territorial, protective and loving around you! And the Report Card deal...well...leave it to you to come up with one for him...what a hoot! (smile). We had two boxer siblings in our home while growing up...my brothers. They looked like twins and my brother loved those two..they were his babies.. During the day he kept them in a special kennel… brick foundation…fenced top and bottom (the door was pad locked) very large kennel he had built especially for them in our very spacious back yard with some doggie comforts thrown in. When he was home those Boxers were always with him so yes they are very loving…but we learned early on while babies..that they needed some kind of kennel so that they wouldn’t destroy the place while he was at work. I so enjoyed Rosco’s story….I haven’t thought of
my brothers Boxes in a long time..brings a smile to my face. Thanks.. And...maybe you can get in touch with Rosco sometime...Dogs NEVER forget you know.. Nancy M; Ohio

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