What's up with Mother Nature?

What is it with Mother Nature? Just yesterday it was
80 degrees here in the Nashville area. Pretty, sunny
and just down right nice!

Today however, its 43 right, cloudy and down right
COLD. Mother Nature is messing with us, giving us
a taste of spring only to rip it away and tell us that it
looks like winter is not over yet.

I see where parts of North Dakota got slammed with
snow blizzards yesterday and I guess I could be thankful
that we don’t have that here…oh wait, maybe not blizzards
but on the radio just a few minutes ago they are calling for
sleet, snow and rain tonight. Yippee, what happen to the
warmth of yesterday?

The weather sure has changed over the years. I can remember
living here in Nashville where as a child it was nothing to get
3 to 6 inches of snow a couple times a winter. Now, we get
what they call a dusting. I love snow, I love to watch it fall,
to look at it covering the ground (of course that is before
anyone gets out to mess it up)…but I love it like this if I
don’t have to get out in it. To stay snug in the house is the
way to enjoy snow. But, of course if I lived in Ohio like my
friend Nancy, where they get the moisture off one of those
Great Lakes up there and have snow all winter, I would never
leave the house.

My kid’s, or my grandkids had never seen SNOW before…I
mean, a covering of snow until about 3 years ago when we
were all in Great Lakes Ill. We left Nashville with 70 degree
temps with the news saying that the weather was turning off
bad and snow was heading in the Northern States. By the time
we hit Indiana, the temp started to drop and it rained all the
way through that state on us. Then we hit Ill., and yes, it was
colder then a well digger’s…rear end. We woke to 8 inches of
snow the next morning and by the time all was said and done,
there was over a foot of snow on the ground. Oh my gosh,
I had not seen that much snow since I was a kid, and like
I said, my kids had never seen it. I could have plopped my
grandson Caleb off into a snow drift and he would have been
lost to us till spring.

Anyway, those people are use to it. Nothing stopped them,
they kept right on going. My daughter thought maybe it
was a given that if you bought a truck there you had to
buy a plow for the front of it. Everyone had one!

And talk about COLD. Their 21 degrees in Chicago
(a day trip while there) is a lot colder coming off that
lake then our 21 degree’s here in Nashville are. My eye
balls felt like they were freezing.

I was, to say the least, never more happy to leave a place
before. For Chicago, lets just say…I have been there, done
that, have NO reason to go back!

Now for Mother Nature, what are you doing to us, stop
teasing us. I was enjoying the trees, bushes and flowers in
bloom. Wonder what the cold, snow, sleet and rain will do
to all that.

Stay warm folks.


Pam D said…
oooh.. it's still warm here in Georgia, but it's supposed to get colder tomorrow. I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year; I love the new birth of leaves, flowers, grass, birds.. but I hate having to keep both winter and summer clothes available. I don't have closets big enough for both, so I just have to leave a pile on the bed til the warm takes over. Then I can pack up the winter stuff, leaving maybe a set of sweats and a jacket out, and be done with it. I do NOT know how the northern folks deal with winter, but I know a lot of them are snowbirds down in Florida! Don't blame 'em one bit. Oh, and I remember it being different in the fall and winter in Nashville, too. I remember when school started in September, we had wool pants and turtlenecks that we got to wear right away, and football games were COLD. And yes, we had real snow a couple of times a year. I do miss that.

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