I Don't Speak ENGLISH

In my office we have lots
of laughs in passing on
daily basis.
There are always one
liner’s that probably
would not mean a thing
to any of you but they fit
a moment or time there in
the office and they become
a motto, or ism.

Just last week we had one
that became a joke for the
day. While answering our
1-800 line, I heard Cindy
tell someone on the other
end, that she did not speak
English! Now, Cindy speaks
it just fine. But she was
having an off day and he
person on the other end
of the line was speaking
Spanish to her, in that
off moment she slipped in
what she was going to say
(English) and said the
wrong thing. What got me
so tickled was that after
answering the phone,
announcing the business
name, I heard that remark,
but she never faltered or said
that she meant Spanish…she
just kept right on talking.
I heard her hang up the
phone and I asked her if
I had heard what I heard
and she busted out laughing.
That became the joke for the
day. So when asked a question
you did not care to reply to,
you said “I don’t speak English”.

This little slip up went even
further. I was telling my
Mom about it later on the
phone and she wanted Cindy’s
direct line to call her and
say “Do you speak English”.
I told Mom I would email it,
Cindy would hear me if I
gave it out. In my state of
sleep apnea bliss (or my
lack of oxygen to the brain
moment) I was in the mist
of emailing that number to
my Mother, when I actually
emailed it to Cindy herself.
I was unaware of this until
I hear Cindy say “ You
trying to screw with my
mind?” I am thinking,
okay, what have I done,
then it hits me and I am
trying to figure out how to
get out of that one. Finally
she ask me if I was wanting
to call her or something,
but when she came and sat
in my office and wanted to
know what was up…I had
to give and admit that it
was a joke that back fired
cause I messed it up. That
got an even bigger laugh
then the English thing.

Don’t get me wrong, we do
work, but with the things
we deal with on a daily basis,
we have to have those laughs
to get us by. Its nice to work
in an office that allows those
jokes and laughs.

I want to also thank the
gentleman that left the
comment yesterday on the
sleep apnea. I will be checking
out the forums you suggested.
I wished my machine had
one of those cards, but it was
cheaper on the insurance
company (you must no how
that goes) to buy me one
without it. I have learned
my lesson this time, little
changes will be looked at
as a possible sleep problem
from here on out. And thank
goodness this time did not
require the sleep study,
I was able to take a machine
home from the doctor’s
office that did the same thing.
Thanks again.



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