Rubber Bands

Ever wonder who invented them? The rubber band was
patented in Australia on March 17, 1845 by Stephen
Perry Bobstein.

They have been used for so many things from

making rubber band balls to shooting at each
other, from holding papers to being used as a
fastener for a garment.

The largest rubber band ball was created by Office

Max, it came in at 4594 pounds, circumference of
19 feet and took 175, 000 rubber bands. Not a
ball your child could bounce around or roll back and forth!
I can see that one bouncing down the hill now.

My favorite has been the use of them as a gun.

Now it is not something I do all the time but
I have been known to shoot a few.

About 15 days before leaving my last job, a new

young guy came to work there. He was a quite
sort, but he could shoot out one liners really well.
An easy guy to like and for some reason him and
I hit it off with the rubber band fights. It was a
daily thing for the two of us to shoot a few at
each other in passing, or… seek each other
out just to start a rubber band fight. Not me
of course! 8^).

I was sitting at work just yesterday when I

received an email from this guy. Not getting
emails from him often, I knew it had to be good.
He changed my signature that is placed at the
bottom of my work email from reading,
“Should you encounter a problem along your
way, change your direction but not your
destination”, to reading “Should you encounter
a problem along your way……!” Then
attached to this email was a photo, just for me,
sent with all the best wishes I am sure………………….

I really hope he is not saving these for when we
meet up again!
It does make for a really neat background pic for
my computer. Thanks Drew for the laugh, I am
practicing up just for you...send some of those
rubber bands over to me to use.


Pam D said…
Hmm.. what would braces be without rubber bands? And those little wind up airplanes? Defintely have used them on too-tight pants before, and probably a hundred other things. I never have made a rubber band ball, but I cannot say the same thing about shooting them. I can say (at least I THINK..) that I have never shot one at you. At least, not yet!
Pam D said…
Just gave you a little bloggy sisterhood award.. check out my site for more details!

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