Play - Hello Dolly

Last night my niece and I attended

her school's play of Hello Dolly.

Once again, I was amazed an
so entertained. The drama school
at DCA is packed full of some of the
most talented kids I have ever seen.

The teachers are so fantastic and it
is a given that they are so well liked
by the students. They do an awesome

The night started with the two teachers
thanking the crowd for being there and
for introducing the up coming play.

The painted background was so nicely
done. I believe it was painted by
students and parents of the students.

There were several scene changes. The
park like backgroud, the store, the
restaurant, hat store and others. The
crew that worked at doing that were on
their toes, fast, and did a great job.

The actors and actresses were fantastic.
Not a word was forgotten and these kids
breezed right through the 2.5 hour show.
It was a really nice night out with Holly,
who by the way is in the 8th grade ( I earlier
said she was in the 7th). Some of her friends
sat with us also.

I have to say that the production
of Hello Dolly was the best. The students,
teachers, and tech crew did, as always,
a great job. They rent the customes and
like I said, parents like my brother Mark
(Holly's dad) who work very hard to get
the stage set up in the gym and to hang
the curtains.

It will be really nice to see the show next
year with Holly performing in it since
she will be in the drama class then.

Thank you for stopping in...


Pam D said…
It's so neat that Holly goes to a school that will encourage her in her talent and give her such wonderful opportunities. Adam's school is similar, with an excellent arts program. I love to see the artistic side of children get as much attention as the academic and physical sides; Holly will be so much more well-rounded because of this! Not to mention all the fond memories she will have of attending the shows with you through the years...

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