My Honor

On April 25th, 2009, I will
have my first showing for my
art work. My paintings will be
displayed for viewing and sale
that night. I am very excited for
this chance to show my oil

The Gallery of a Mad House Wife
in Watertown TN. is where I will
be showing. Check it out at .
They feature two local artist on
one night a month.

I have recently been in
contact via email with
the young gentleman that
I will be sharing that night
with. He is in the service,
has been for five years. He
has served two tours so
far with another one on
horizon. He is 24 years
of age with a wife and a
baby less then a year old.
Bless this young man and
his family for loaning him
to us.

Trevor will be doing a
patriotic theme, showing
photo’s that he took in Iraq .
Check out his site at .

I am excited over my first
showing and I am so honored
to be sharing it with this
young man. Please keep
him and all of our service
men and women in your

Thank you.


Anonymous said…
Pam...your first Art Showing; such a Special Night! You and your paintings will do wonderfully. Congrats! I am so proud of you for following up on yr dreams. You are very talented! Trevor, his family and the Men and Women serving our country are in our prayers. Nancy M; Ohio
Pam D said…
How wonderful that you get to share such a special night with Trevor; and how wonderful that HE gets to share it with you! I so wish I'd be in Nashville that weekend, but there is just too much going on here to make it. I WILL (Lord willing.. I've already made and cancelled plans to visit at least 3 times already!) be there next Friday-Sunday... maybe we can get together! :<)

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