More on the 1st cruise….
Lori, Jessy, and Sean and I were in line to board the ship.
Two guys, both from another country, took their tickets.
They went to take mine and I thanked them. Must have
been the Southern accent, cause they asked where I was from.
After telling them right outside of Nashville, they asked me “where
beer for my horse and whiskey for my men are from”!

We got a good laugh from that, headed on up to the room. About an
hour later we went to an indoor restaurant to wait until our bags
made it to the room. Their was this young waiter dancing around
as he worked. He walked past our table a couple of times and I
proceeded to dance in my seat. Well, nothing doing, he had to get me
up and dance me around. More laughs, when my sister in law, Lori
looked at me and said “what is it with you, I can’t take you anywhere…
they are not paying attention to me like that”!

I figure they could tell the kids were her’s and she was sporting that wedding
ring. The next day we were laying around the pool, and Lori ordered
a drink. I decided to have one also. Well, everything you purchase on the
ship is billed to your room key. Lori handed him our key and when he came
back with the drinks, Lori looked at the receipt and my drink was not charged
on there. She asked and the guy said, “oh well, I buy my lady a drink”!!
By this time I am having a blast.

Our dinner waiters were the best. One was from Mexico and one

from Chili. We sat a table with another couple who had two kids and
on other couple that had none. The guy from Chili could not speak much
English, but he had killer brown eyes! He would greet me every evening,
take me by the hand and pull out my chair, then push it back. I would
always get a kiss on the hand or most times on the cheek. They were
making this single sailing woman feel
GREAT! I was loving the attention for sure.

Like I said, the Stewart always knew our name. We had our beds

turned down every night, towels tied or made to look like monkeys,
elephants or whatever. Everyone I encountered on the ship had a
smile upon their face, acted like they
were so excited to wait on us and treat us like gold.

The food was good, everywhere you looked there was a place to

eat. Dinner was a treat with the things you could try….like the snails
I had. My experience with Royal Caribbean was the best and I will
tell anyone that wants to cruise, go with

The cabin we had was small, but just fine for our needs. We

were not in there except to sleep. I only felt the ocean once
and that was the first night out. Other then that,
it was like walking on ground.

I so enjoyed my trip with my family. Lori and I always have

fun together and the kids had a good time also. We were
tired and ready to head for home after our four
days but it was very nice.


Pam D said…
Oh my gosh... I would have NEVER left that ship if I'd been treated like you were! Lifetime stowaway.. that would have been me. I get SO seasick, but you're making me rethink... maybe I COULD handle a cruise after all. Of course, I'd have to leave the bug hunter and the wedding ring at home to get YOUR treatment... oh, how tempting! hahaha....

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