Loss of a Friend

The loss of a friend is not easy.
Yesterday I learned that a friend of mine, which happens
to also be one of my best friend's aunt past on. Aunt Jane
turned 89 years old last October. She was a spitfire.
Always laughing and joking, yet always the lady.

I met Aunt Jane years and years ago, not actually
sure at what point since Debbie and I have been friends
for 28 years. But this woman was always so super nice
to me, invited me to visit and always wanted to see me
when she was in town.

Jane began to slow down about a year ago. But a few
months back she had what they think was a small stroke.
From there the memory started to go and within the last
few weeks she went down hill really fast. Although her
home was in Memphis TN. she had been spending the last
8 or so months with her son and his wife in SC. It became
clear that after falling and not being so sure on her feet that
she needed to just stay with them.

I remember once when she was here and I drove a big pick up
truck, we were going to go to dinner. Debbie and her Mom was
going to ride in their truck and Jane wanted to ride with me.
I had to help her up in it but only after she asked "How do I
get in this thing"?...and I told her " I will open the door and you
take running start, jump up and you are in"!

Jane was not a heavy drinker but she liked her night cap
every night. There was not a night that got by that she did
not have it....we figured her insides were probably pickled!

Jane is now with her sister, Jo, in heaven. Jo, Debbie's mom
left us in August of 2006. She was a spitfire also but in a
different way then Jane. Jo was a bit younger then her sister
but they were very close. Jo fought a battle with throat cancer
and won, but only to be fed for the next 8 years with a tube. The
chemo and radation destroyed her throat muscles. Later she
developed Parkinson's, lung trouble and heart trouble. All these
Debbie was told was due to the high dose of chemo and radation that
she had years before. Jane always came and helped take care of
her little sister when she was needed.

Both these women will be missed.


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