Blonde, Senior Moment or Lack of Oxygen to the Brain!?

I figure if anyone is following
and reading my blog they
probably figure I am one
big flake! I once had a
man I worked for tell me
that people would not
know the crazy things
I do if I did not come in
work and tell it. I
proceeded to tell him
that I get such a laugh
out of things that happen
to me that I want to share
to make others laugh.

Things like forgetting

where you park, taking
the bus when your car
is downtown, going the
wrong way on a one way
street…..things like that.
But usually they result in
something funny, so I share.

Friday was one of those

days for me. First off, I
forgot my keyed badge
that gets me into the
building. It gets me in
the front door and then
again through two more
doors before I get to my
office. I stopped off at
the guard’s desk and
got a visitor badge to
show I was suppose to
be in the bldg., but they
are keyed. So of course
I had to borrow someone
else’s badge every time
I had to go to the restroom
or to lunch.

The day seemed to go

more down hill after that
and got a bit funnier.

On break, Deborah, Cindy

and I went to the work out
room to do our usual
walking. I hopped up on
the treadmill, turned it
on and started walking.
Deborah and Cindy were
next to me on other
equipment, when I looked
down at my feet and started
to laugh. They had no clue
what I was laughing about
but I let the treadmill take
me to the end of the
equipment (did not turn it off)
and I jumped on the floor,
bent over, laughing my
head off. Both women
thought something was
wrong and was asking me
what was the matter, I was
laughing to the point I
almost did not get it out
that I had on two different
tennis shoes!

Friday is casual day at

work and I grabbed my
shoes to put on before
leaving the house. Both
pair was together, both
are white with blue
markings on them.
Two different brands.
You would have thought
I would have noticed them
when I slipped them on
or when I walked in them….
yes, they felt different
and one pair is a bit tighter
then the other pair. BUT NO…
I found out after getting
to work. The good thing,
like I said, they look alike.

I could have changed into

the ones I have under my
desk for daily walking but
then I was afraid I would
forget to bring them
back to work. So yes, I wore the
shoes all day. I left work
early that day to go have
my eyes checked and
before going to the drs appt.
I ran by the house and changed!

I am really not a flake.

I am not blonde (forgive
me all the blondes out
there), it could a senior
moment but I don’t think
so, I write it off as being
lack of oxygen to the brain
moments (with my sleep apnea)!

Have a great day,


Pam D said…
So when you went to get your eyes checked, did you need a new prescription? Cause I'd totally blame it on that.. "my eyes were blurry, so I couldn't tell the shoes apart". That works.. doesn't it? And I can promise you that, at least for me, it's more about the senior moments than the blonde thing... the grayer my hair gets, the less I remember!

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