Girls Night Out

Every so often, maybe once or twice a year
my niece, Holly, and I do a girls night out.
We have done movies, Hauntings at The
Hermitage for Halloween but our favorite thing
to do is to attend a play put on by the drama class
where Holly goes to school.

The first year I was to attend I was sick but
it was one I really wanted to see, my fav,
"The Wizard of Oz". My Mom went with
Holly then. The next year,
Holly and I attended the performance
of "The Beauty and the Beast" and last
year we saw, "Thoroughly
Modern Millie".

Holly goes to a private school with an
excellent drama teacher. The kids that
put on these shows are awesome.
The acting is great, they are on top of
it, never forgettting their words and they
have a great cast for scene changes.
The show last about 3 hours.

It's time for Holly and my Girls Night
Out again. This year the drama class
is putting on " Hello Dolly". I am so
excited about this show, it should be
a really great and it will be another
evening for Holly and I to spend together.
Our night out is this coming Saturday night.

On top of this, Holly is my families Drama
Queen (my nickname to her). She is a big
cut up, always the entertainer.
She can act, sing, and play the panio.
She is always getting up in front of us and
putting on some kind of act. She can
do the Lion in the Wizard of Oz, lines to a tee!
At her school, you can't be in the drama
class until you are in the 8th grade. The
drama teacher has been keeping an eye
on Holly and just waiting for the
day she will be in her class. Holly is in
the 7th grade this

Over the summer the school has a
week long drama
camp which Holly has attended
twice. At the end of the
week they put on a play, these are
kids that are not in the
drama class. The first year they
put on "Annie". Holly
played, and might I say, very well,
Ms. Hannigan!
She had the attitude, the look,
and the facial expression
down so well. I was so proud of her.

At last years play, she was Alice
in Alice and Wonderland.
There again, she was great in
her part. She never fails
to amaze me.

Next year, I will attend the play the
drama class puts on
with my family not Holly. We will
have to find another
way to enjoy Girls Night Out...since
Holly will be in the
play next year. I look forward
to watching her. The child
has such talent.
Stop back in and see how
things go.
The pics above are Holly as Alice.
Leave a comment if you will. I so enjoy
reading what you think of my postings.


Pam D said…
Holly is absolutely gorgeous! She looks like an actress just from the pictures you posted. What a sweet tribute to the time you get to spend with her, and how exciting it will be to find a new activity to do together! (and one day, when she is accepting her Oscar for best actress, she will mention you in her speech.. I just know it!)

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