From the past

While at work Tuesday, having a rough day, lack of
sleep the night before then finding out about my friends
passing, I get a call from my Mother.

The call went something like this:
Mom: Pam, you will never guess who
I got a call from today?
Me: No Mom, I have no clue.
Mom: Someone you know.
Me: Mom, I still have no clue, I know
a lot of people.

After that little bit of interesting conversation, she
told me it was a guy by the name of Sal. Yep, that
one is from the past. He had called her looking for
numbers for me.
Now the story:

In 1978 I took my little brother (he is now 46, so to say
little brother seems strange these days) to Orlando Fla.
for a bike (BMX) race. He was really into that and we
traveled around some to different states for some races.
Mom, Mark and I loaded up in my Horizon and headed
out one winter day with about 6 inches of snow on the
ground here in Nashville (that was where we got snow).
Got to Fla. and it was a beautiful 70 something degees. I loved it.

Well, for those of you who know me know that I am into
photography some. I have always had a camera since I
was about 12 yrs. old. This time, in Fla. was no different.
But I did not have a big professional camera, I had a little
pocket camera. Just the same, I was always taking pics.
The dirt track where these guys raced was no different.
Back in the 70’s and early 80’s BMX was a big thing.
Guys came from all over for these races.
Fun to watch, fun to meet people…I enjoyed it.

First day out at the Fla. track I was taking pics of my
brother and some of his friends as they came down the
track when this nice looking guy with a mop of curly
brown hair walked up to me and asked “are you the
official photographer”….my first thought, “ Oh what a
line”!!! We talked, I was a bit of a flirt back then but at
the same time I was a bit uneasy, I did not know this rider.
In the mist of our conversation, he asked me out that night,
asked me to go dancing. I just kind of put it off that I was
not sure what the family was doing, get back with me later.
After he walked off, my brother runs up and says, “Pam, do
you know who you were talking to, that is the King of the
East Coast, Sal Zeuner”. Okay…so I am thinking that had to
be a big thing but at the same time, thinking it meant nothing
to me! I told Mark that Sal asked me out and Mark and my
Mother both suggested I go. So….as it was, I did. Sal, was the
nicest. We had a good time, I met other riders, his brother and
after that we stayed in touch.

Sal is from New Jersey. We stayed in touch via phone and
letters (no email at that time). His brother, Terry and him
drove to Nashville for some racing and stayed with my family
and me for about a week. We did a lot of things together and
I showed him around Nashville a bit. We met again in several
other cities and I was due to go to NJ for a visit with his family
when Sal got a job on a BMX paper in Calif. My trip did not
come through.

Later, I married and we lost contact……UNTIL, after 9/11.
I tracked Sal down, via the internet (which is great by the way).
This was maybe about 6 or 7 years ago and I really
don’t remember but I think I either
found his brother or an uncle first who gave me
Sal’s number. Course Sal was married raising a
couple of kids. We talked a few times, I sent
him copies of pics I had taken when we had spent
time together, just reconnecting with an old friend.
Shortly after that, the connection
was lost again, both having busy lifes and things
to do….UNTIL,
Sal called this week.

He is going to be making a trip by motorcycle to the South
(as he put it) and wanted to swing by to see me, check out
what the Montgomery’s are doing these days. Said that
should be sometime in June. It will be great to see him…..
been 30 years.

Funny, over the past 10 years or so I have reconnected
with old friends and connections from school or from my
past. I find it a comfort in a way as I get older to kind of
relate to people that I knew when I was younger.
Was well as to have the friends around that I make
now or have had in the last few years with me.

Life is interesting!


Pam D said…
That is neat! But don't you think you need to "friend" him on Facebook first? lol... then you can REALLY get to know him! I know you'll look forward to seeing him again... reliving our "glory" days always makes us feel younger....

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