Cruise 2003

In October 2003, my sweet sister in law, Lori and my
niece and nephew went on our first cruise. I was so excited
when Lori asked me to go along with her and the kids.
Our trip started out with us flying first into Maimi and
boarding our ship there.

We were to go to Nassau Bahama, Coco Cay and then to Key
West, Fla. I know I was so excited that I must have called Lori
two and three times a day for weeks.

First off, I had not seen the ocean since I was two years old
and here I was going to be floating on it for four days! Plus,
I had not flown since I was 18 years old, 25 years. This was a
couple years after 9/11 so you would have thought that maybe
there would have been some fear there. No there was not, I was just
to excited about my cruising vacation.

We traveled via Royal Caribbean on the Majesty of the Sea's ship.
Beautiful. I was so impressed with Royal Caribbean. Our stewart for
our room met us in the hall, introduced himself and he never forgot our
name. Pass him in the hall and spoke to you using your name. Never did
I see one person working that ship that did not always
have a pleasant smile upon their face. And our two guys who serviced our
table at dinner every night were the best. Needless to say, I felt like a queen,
I left feeling like a queen. Our first night out was a bit of an experience.
We had elected to get a cabin for the four of us, inside the center of the ship.
No port hole or window. After we came back to the cabin after dinner
the first night, we found our beds turned down with a piece of
chocolate on our pillow. Later that night I thought I was on the
Titanic! The ship was rocking, moaning and creaking. It must have
been around 4:30 or so and I got dressed to up top. I remember Lori asking
me where I was going and I said to check things out. She must not have
feared me washing overboard since I did not come back until around
7 when we docked in Nassau. I just grabbed a chair that was not tied
down at that point and sat on the highest deck on the ship. The wind
was whipping so hard that my hair stung my face as it slapped around.
I sat up there in the dark and just enjoyed the silence.

We decided to not take a tour in Nassau but instead we just walked
around. We went inside a Church and viewed the most beautiful stain
glass. We had lunch and just went in one shop after another.
We went back to the ship early and sat around the pool while the kids
ventured off around the ship. There were a lot of things there for them to
do, rock climbing, a teen club and a movie theathre.

We spent a day on the private owned island of Coco Cay, sunning
and walking. Lunch was served by the crusie ship on the island.
The water was so beautiful, so blue. Yes, for the
first time in my life (that I know of) I got in the ocean.
The next day was spent at Key West. We walked around, shopped, took
in some tours and we all just had a great time.

My best experience was on the ship. The islands were nice,
Key West so pretty, but I loved the treatment we recieved on the ship.
Like I said, I felt like a queen.

The next cruise was taken with just my Lori and I, no kids. We did more,
but the experience on the ship itself, was not near as nice.
Different cruise line.


Pam D said…
It sounds like you really were treated like royalty on your cruise! I get seasick.. REALLY seasick.. so I've never had a hankering to go so far out on a boat that I can't get back in within a couple of hours. But, I've flown into Freeport and driven to Key West and loved both places. I would be very, very happy with a winter home in the Keys and a summer home in Montana. Can you help me think of a way to work that out? Thanks for the cruise story.. since we had snow today, it made me think of warm places, and that was nice!

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