Broadening my Cultural Experience

Wow, what a title!

So how have I done this….well let’s see.
Back in 2003 I took a cruise to the Bahamas.
That was a total cultural difference. But I actually
looked at that has an adventure. And it was! So much
fun. That might have to be my next blog entry, my
two cruises….

Okay, as usual I have gotten off the subject. Let’s see,

first I tried to broaden those experiences with things that
I ate. You see, I use to not eat things that sounded strange
or add ingredients in them that I did not like (even if you
could not taste it). Heck, I use to not eat sour cream cause
of the word “sour”! But anyway, on my first cruise I
decided that it was an adventure and probably one I
would never partake in again….so I decided to try out
something I thought I would never try…..escargot, yep,
I ate snails! Oh my gosh, it was great. Cooked in garlic
and butter, a bit rubbery but the taste was nice. Since
then I have tried it fried, nope, did not care for that. I
have tried crawfish, where you snap the heads off and
suck the insides out…yep, another thing I did not care
for. Plus, there have been the oysters on a half shell,
you really don’t want my version on that one. But
covered in hot sauce and horseradish sauce, the taste
is not so bad.

Okay, that covers my food cultural experiences now

what about music! I am a country music listener mostly,
I love 50’s and 60’s oldies, a lot of musical soundtracks.
But this past November I went to see the Nashville Symphony.
I had been with school as a child and a friend on mine and
I went in my early 20’s. But this event was one I just did not
want to miss. The Symphony was playing to the movie of the
Wizard of Oz. Those of you who really know me, know that
is my most FAV movie of all times. I have to say that I enjoyed
the performance. There were a few draw backs, one being that it
was a revised version or re-mastered, color was so vibrant that
the ruby slippers were almost blinding. They had a glow about
them, as well as other items did. The movie at times was hard
to hear over the instruments. The plus side was, I was really a
neat experience and the seating in the new bldg. where the
Symphony plays is awesome. There would not be a bad seat
in the place.

Last night a friend of mine, Theresa and I took in another cultural

experience! We went to see the Nashville Jazz Orchestra play.
Along with the Orchestra was singer Mandy Barnett. Mandy
starred as country music legend Patsy Cline in the stage show
“Always…Patsy Cline” several years ago at our famous Ryman
Auditorium. She has a voice so like Patsy’s and she was so great
last night. She sang songs like “Cry me a River’, “In the Still of
the Night”, and “Up a Lazy River”….The two combined together,
her voice and the instruments was a fantastic combo. I am so glad
I went and was able to enjoy this…..all for $20.00.

On another note: Mandy will be performing with the original cast

from “Always..Patsy Cline” again starting in mid April to the end
of May. I hope to be able to take that show in as well. I have always
liked Patsy Cline’s music so I am sure to enjoy the show.

Thanks again for stopping in to read about me broadening my

cultural experiences!!



Pam D said…
You WILL love that show! I saw it, and Mandy absolutely channels Patsy; you feel like she's still "Walkin' After Midnight"! I'm glad to find out that you CAN still teach an old(er) dog new tricks! NOT that you're old.. OR a dog.. oh, forget it. You know what I mean! :<)

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