Eva McCall - Mother and Author

Meet Eva McCall my sis in law Lori's mom.

Author of the below books.

Eva went to heaven to be with  George, her husband who moved on a couple of years ago. She was 80 yrs old and visiting here from  N.C. for the holidays.
Eva was a very sweet and kind woman.
This is Eva and I in Cozumel Mx. during a stop over from our cruise ship in 2006.
Eva and Lori. 

Eva will be truly missed. RIP Eva.
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Shelving / New Kitten

Morning. I posted some of these pics before. 
I had the stairs covered before I started on the shelves.  Course this idea came from  PINTEREST.
Oh there are mistakes... but they are mine and I  am proud of the fact that at least it is secure and standing!


You see the window on the wall back  there?
I hit it with some stain to make it stand out a bit more. 

And here is a pic I have not  posted before.
It's done!!!

Random all Over the Place Post

When its not too hot or in the case of today...I love being on my deck. So glad I had it screened in the year I retired. 
I actually love taking naps out there. But my two seater glider is a tad short  to laying on....although, don't get me wrong, curled up on it I have napped several times! Just had to UNCURL when I need to get up!
So....I was thinking I needed something bigger,  more comfy.
Saw this. Love this, but this base would take up way to much room on the deck.

But I have been looking at building a swinging bed/couch for the deck. 

I am thinking that I really don't need it that wide, don't want to put a twin size mattress on the deck. Plus when I  sat on it I don't want my feet  to dangle off of the side.
HAHA...saw this posted on the neighborhood fb page last night. Someone took this, busy four lane road down the street right before rush hour traffic!

Do you ever feel this way?

David Cassidy - Wrong Info

Although I checked the internet apparently I did not check their source.
David Cassidy is very ill. Expected not to hold on long but he has not passed on yet.

Sorry for miss posting this info. thanks  Pam

RIP Mel Tellis and David Cassidy

 David Cassidy... the heartthrob of the 70's.

Gone at the age of 67. Organ failure.

Mel Tellis Nashville's one and only.

Gone today at the age of  85.

RIP to two amazing entertainers.
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Lids to Stairs

I love this saying.
I hope I am able to give these feelings to others..
I pulled plastic lids out from  under the sink where I always stored them. I had a lot of lids, containers and I needed to match all this mess.

This is what I had no container match for.  It's been years since I did a match up.

This is what I kept.

My stairs. About 10 years ago I ripped the carpet up on my stairs. I wanted to stain them but they were not really that great, it was builder grade wood.

I covered them with peel and stick  wood looking flooring.  But over the years as you pushed off one step to go up the other the tile started to slip off.