Wedding Stuff

Darla this post is for you.... on your comment about getting so much done. I did have a lot better day then the day before.
Found this on PINTEREST~ Amber and I discussed having folks sign something like this instead of a guest book. ...
So I decided I could make this for Amber and Will's wedding.
I started with two pieces of board cut the same lenght and  put together with brackets on the back to hold them together. 
I did not like the straight edge of the boards.

So I took my Dremel and sanded the edges to round them off.

I then stained the sides just like the  top.
I waited  for that to dry and then I traced a heart from a  jello pan shaped like a heart.

Once that was done....I painted it with my craft paints.

All About This and That Blog Today

Morning everyone....
Sitting here on my couch with one furbabe curled up next to me and  under the cover. The other one on the floor stretched out soaking up the sunrays coming in the window.  I will let you guess which is which!
I love this saying but I love the bike too...
Something you might not know about me is I love motorcycles. My plan was to purchase one once I paid off my Malibu. That was a few years ago before life, Fibro and retirment  worked its way into my life! haha...
No way I could hold a motor  up these days.

Course I failed to mention that  I would also need to learn to ride one! 
Isn't this quilt amazing!
A woman my SIL knows lost her hubby and asked my SIL to make a quilt  with some of his shirts and pants. Lori did not realize that shirts were Tshirts and pants were sweat pants.... not really the best material for making quilts but like a self taugh pro that she  is my SIL managed it. Taking in the hubby's love for deer  Lori turned this out.  The outside border does consist of some jeans …

Herbs and Wedding Stuff

MORNING Sunshine!
Snow flurries yesterday morn, 50 at noon and flurries after dark.... Oh my...enough!
Do you ever feel like this?

HAHA....Yep, I do, esp when I read this.

YIKES! Has it really been 40 years?  Wow...those years flew by so past.
I was asked to be on the planning committee for this event. We had our second meeting this past Saturday.  This event is coming up fast! Can't wait....
Okay, so I have decided that I want to plant an herb garden. Issue, space. I live in a zero lot line, basically  a townhouse attached to another townhouse. I have a big backyard, a nice sized front  yard but I have no side yards. One being attached to the other and  my driveway is on the other side.
I have a couple of flower beds. One contains my hydrangea bushes in front of my deck. I have five growning there.
The other is on the side of my shed. Yes, 

Lily Love

For those of you that have a cat you will understand this.... they live in their own world and  you have to live there with them. They do their own thing and will include you when they choose.
Just when I question why Lily has stopped head butting, rubbing on my face, touching me or licking me she reads my mind and she starts back doing those things! 
I don't know if maybe it is something she is doing cause she is glad to be home after house sitting.... No clue. 
But the other day she started climbing on my chest and butting heads.
Yesterday she wanted to reach out and touch me.

I felt so blessed!
This morning (sorry no pics) she crawled up on my chest again for head butting then laid down and licked my hand, bit my fingers (cat thing) and let me rub her!
Course there again, if you own or have owned a cat you know this is subject to change just like the weather!
HAHA.. Does your cat act like this?

Life's Adventures for the Weekend

 I LOVE Victorian style homes.  I just love the looks of them.  In this home below I love the very top room. I see me up there painting!

I love the front porch. I have always dreamed of having a long front porch, or one that wraps like this one.  It is not a home I would want to keep up though,  I would not want to have it painted. The decorative pieces would be rough, all that wood or to have a roof put on it.... Beautiful though.
Now this one.... I don't like this dormer as well as  the other one. Loving that front porch also, not sure you need two section of steps going up.

There again, would not want the up keep.  But I totally love the looks of  these homes.  So much more character than the  new modern homes, which I don't care so much for.
Friday night my daughter posted this pic on FB. ⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩ ⇩⇩

She walked into the hall to see my youngest grandson  "climbing the walls"!!
Then the next evening I get a text from Amber stating that she is in the ER with my middle grandson.