RIP Mel Tellis and David Cassidy

 David Cassidy... the heartthrob of the 70's.

Gone at the age of 67. Organ failure.

Mel Tellis Nashville's one and only.

Gone today at the age of  85.

RIP to two amazing entertainers.
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Lids to Stairs

I love this saying.
I hope I am able to give these feelings to others..
I pulled plastic lids out from  under the sink where I always stored them. I had a lot of lids, containers and I needed to match all this mess.

This is what I had no container match for.  It's been years since I did a match up.

This is what I kept.

My stairs. About 10 years ago I ripped the carpet up on my stairs. I wanted to stain them but they were not really that great, it was builder grade wood.

I covered them with peel and stick  wood looking flooring.  But over the years as you pushed off one step to go up the other the tile started to slip off.

Wedding Gowns

Amber tried on about seven or eight dresses. She was surprised at what she found herself liking.  She went in thinking white, no lace, no tulle. She wanted plain, with a bit of flare at the bottom. 

I thought she needed something around the top, like a sleeve of some sort. I picked this one out on the rack and believe it or not she loved it and had it on the top of the list. It was covered in lace.

Here she is trying a veil with the top dress.

After trying on several this one above was tried.  This became the new one on the top of the list. I liked the fit of this one better. The top is covered in sequins and pearls, the bottom is covered in tulle.  The fit was great.

This, That and Whatever Post

I have folks on FB always tagging me in cute things about cats and dogs... craft projects  and other stuff. They know me too well.
I got this last night.

HAHA...going to be interesting for sure.
My aunt tagged me in this. I love it.
Saw this on FB last night.. my reply... ME

A friend sent me these in the mail Spider Flower seeds.

Here is what the flowers look like!

Gift Wrap - Scribble Picnic

Today I am playing along in  Scribble Picnic for my first time.
Todays theme is  gift wrap.

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Road Find/Keyring and Bold Flowers

Day before yesterday I found this on the side of the road. Yes...I am one of those people! I see bargains on the side of the  road and I grab it, if I think  I  can use it.
Thinking it is a wine rack. Someone on FB suggested rolling up towels and  putting them on there.  I think that would look great only I don't have room for something this big. Although....each section comes apart. Still too long though.

So..this is what I decided to do with  it.  It sets great in my pantry.

Theresa went to Georgia this past week for a photographer convention and she grabbed this for my collection.

In my searching and I know that both mom and dads side of the family comes from Ireland. 
The other day while out looking for a gift for mom and a dress for Amber's wedding I noticed  something...
Dresses have some really bold flowers.