Reuse that Tin Can

Good Morning folks!
Yesterday while washing dishes I had a see I wash out the tin cans that dog food and cat  food comes in and I toss them over in my recycle bin. I seem to use a lot of cans. So being a recycler the thought came to me as to what I could do with some of them.
Check out what they can be used for during holidays.
I made one of these at Christmas this yr. But mine had a black belt like Santa does. 
(all pics in this blog today are thanks to the internet)
Cute for pumpkins with candles in them. Be adorable to line the sidewalk or driveway!

Another thought..

You could also make some really nice things to hold pens, pencils and paper clips on your desk. Little scrapbook paper.

Paige's Place

Last week I went out to my nieces house.  She has an amazing place. This is a shot pulling in the driveway.
See the house way back there...log cabin. Great big barn and a work shed.

Paige was hooking up the trailer to the truck, taking a horse in to the vet. Had sperm shipped in from a  special horse for her girl.

Paige amazes me. Little lady, 30 yrs old, hunts with hubby, runs this place, teaches at the local college, and don't mind taking on the worst of jobs.
Paige used to show Arabian horses, now she shows her dogs and will be showing rabbits!

There were about 6 babes out in the pasture. 

This one was really checking out my car.

Odds and Ends

How do you decide on what you  will blog about? I am always taking pics of where I am, what is going on and if I am driving my glance is all over just looking for that cool pic... and with that cool pic I can blog. Sometimes it is as simple as a saying I see of FB or Pinterest or something I see I just like, or I want to make or do... then of course, about my day.
I have a folder on my desktop and  I load my pics there, sorting through them daily and deciding what to  blog about.
I put this pic in the folder and been meaning to blog about it but I always had other idea.
Those days I blog about house sitting and keeping the downstairs  blocked off so Lily will not go down there started out for one reason... I caught her walking around the  outside of the rail. Now I keep it blocked cause  Penny lives down there and she don't like other cats.
But this my friends is how I have to keep it blocked.

haha...a baby gate but I know  Lily can jump over on  the other side is a tool box that sats on that wall, right t…

Oils for Pain -Wedding Stuff Coming Together

Those of you that follow my blog already know that I suffer from  FIBROMYALGIA ... some days good, some not  so good.
My niece Paige sells Young Living Essential Oils and she has introduced me to Copaiba. This oils is amazing mixed with a lotion and rubbed right on  the spot that is hurting. But with  Fibro the pain is not always in one spot, it covers the whole body on a given day.  So next she introduced me to this.... 5 drops of Copaiba 5 drops of Frankincense and 5 drops of Balsam Fir in a capsule. Down that baby! In 20 mins if the pain is not better down another one.

Yesterday after loading three folding tables, and a filled heavy bin of wedding stuff, then add an hour drive to, and an hour drive back I was in some butt kicking pain!
Downed a morphine bomb (that is what Paige called the mix)....pain let up some but I eneded up downing another one. When Theresa shot me a fb message asking if I had eaten dinner I was no longer in pain.
These oils rock! Hey Sandra, how is the Rosemary in the shampoo doing for you?