Busting Out All Over

 Spring is in the air.....

So much so that today Monday 3/22/21
DJ has a sinus infection. Poor boy,
same one that had the flu and 

But seriously, blooms are 
busting out all over.

Taking my allergy meds daily.
Learned my lesson a couple weeks
ago when I started itching really
bad and realized it was 
the pollen on my skin.
Plus, tis the season 
to be 




Brian said…
We are so happy Spring has sprung, if only the nasty storms wouldn't spring up!
Martha said…
Signs of spring everywhere!
Rhodesia said…
Take care lots of pollen around at present. Yes, our fruit trees are well in flower. Kep safe Diane
Hooray! We don't have forsythia bushes here. I love them.
Liz A. said…
I've been sneezing and coughing all weekend, too.
Ann said…
Love seeing signs of spring like this. My forsythia are blooming too.
Jeanie said…
Loving all your signs of spring. Apart from the sneezes!

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