Girls Night Out Painting

This is the sample painting
we were painting

The colors!

My sis in law
on the end, Lori
and next to her
my niece Jessica. 

My other sis in law
This whole paint class was
Kim's idea!
Thanks Kim, it was a great

Jessica and Lori again.

Lori's finished project!
Great job.

My finished project.

Kim's finished project.

 Jessica's pic.
Loving those eyes on 
them pumpkin.

This is Holly's pic in the making.

Kim and Holly.

Holly putting on the finishing touches.

Didn't we do a great

A week later Holly sends
me this via text from 
Great job Holly.

Thanks for stopping in,


How fun Pam!

I'm surprised that you went to a paint night. :) You should be teaching paint night.

the last one I did was pitiful. My "lighthouse" looked like a witch. hehehehe

everyone's paintings look so great!


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