Some of My Treasures

I know that we all have something that
we kept for some reason or another.
Me- I have a lot I kept for some reason
or the other! At times I wonder why
that reason is and why I have kept
so much!
Here is a wooden cradle that my youngest brother
Mark made for my daughter Amber when she was
really little.
Amber has three boys and no reason to
need this cradle so it has remained
at my home.
Inside this cradle holds some of those
things, treasures that I have kept.

This was not really mine to keep but
I thought it special. My mother use to sew
a lot and this is something she made
for Amber.
A jointed dog.

But now this, was mine. My mother sent off
labels or box tops or stamps or something
to get this. He had a big bow around his
neck at one time. I never named
him cause I got this when I was in
my teens. But he sat at the head
of my bed and he has remained with
me all this time., the memories. I dated
a guy the last two years of my high
school years....Larry Sisco and why I
kept this from all he gave me I don't
know...but I do remember
he gave me this when we had
been dating 8 months.
And NO, I do not remember the actual

Here is another one I saved for Amber.
Mom made this for her also. I don't
care for PINK....but I love
the patch work look.

Now, this is special to me. This is Little
Miss Peep. She squeeks and peeps.
I got this doll when I was in kindergarten
for Christmas. Can't remember what
she wore but I do knwo she was wrapped
in a soft pink blanket with a pink bow
around her. I no longer have
the dress, but somewhere around here I
have the blanket.
My mom made this dress for her.

Another old doll of mine. Don't
remember when I got her and I can't
remember if I named her but I still
have her!
Her eyes have frosted over and she
no longer wears the dress she
arrived in but she wears a pretty
one my mom made her.
She was also made by Vogue.
My daughter and my nieces were
never really allowed to play with
these dolls although I remember
that my niece Paige really loved Ms. Peep.

My bunny.
When I was growing up my mom
made most all I wore. She even made
the shirts my brothers wore. But there
was never anytime for making
crafts until we were all grown.
She made me this when I was older
and Amber was a little girl.

This is very special. It was given to
me for my B-day, Feb. 14, 2006 by
my daughter, Amber and my 1st born
grandson, Caleb.
Just a shot of the beautiful cradle that Mark
made.....isn't it great.

And lets not forget my Homemade Cabbage Patch
doll my mom made. I have to laugh about how
I got this. Mom was always making her 1st
born grandchild, Amber things and I
had to voice my thoughts on the fact
that she needed to make me something....
and here she is!

In a very beautiful highchair that Mark made
also. He does great work. This also
belongs to Amber but what would she
do with it since she has a house full of boys?
Just a side story about this chair....
Don't put little toddlers in it!
My nephew who is a few yrs younger
than Amber was at the house playing one
day when Amber came running in to tell me
that Chase was stuck.
Yes, very stuck, in this chair.
I tried to pull him out.
He was not moving.
I had to lay the chair flat on its back
and wiggle, and pull, and slide
poor Chase from this chair!
Those were the days.
Thanks for stopping in,


Anonymous said…
It's been great looking thru all your keepsakes.. gives a little more perspective into the 'Pam' I've gotten to know and love as my dear friend. Your brother, like my hubby seem to have a way with wood...although I do have to laugh at the High Chair incident..too funny. I guess the little tabel doesn't come off huh? lol.. My mom like yours also made our clothes in our growing up days.. since there were 3 girls at the time.. yup you guessed it.. all matching from our hats at Easter to our little shoes.. lol.. Must have been a must do for moms back in the day...not to mention easier on the wallet.. Thanks for sharing sweetie.. I enjoyed the read. Nancy M.; Ohio
I love sentimental keepsakes! You have a lot Pam. I have only a stuffed animal (boo boo) from when I was a toddler. He's in the basement somewhere (packed away)
Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful treasures with us!
Your mom sews great(love the cabbage patch doll) and Mark does great work with the wood!

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