Oz The Great and Powerful

The Movie!
The movie that I have been waiting
for the last 8 months.
Oz the Great and Powerful!
Saw it today with my niece Holly.
Wait, I am getting ahead of myself.
Holly had to work today till one so
we were going to go to the 3:45 showing
of the movie. But first we had
to have a late lunch.
Per Holly's request we met at
O'Charley's. Had a nice meal while
we talked about school, her up
coming play and college around the
After lunch, off we went to the movies.
Got there a little early so we sat and
watched the "commericals",
you know, the upcoming movies.
Where were our feet?
Waiting along with the rest of us to see
Then it was time!
The movie was starting.

cell phones are great for taking a pic at the movies!
As for the movie. I loved it. I thought it was
really good.
It is full of full lines and funny shots.
It is serious and full of adventure.
But it will never be the classic that the Wizard of
Oz is.
In todays world to make a movie you
would have it made. Everything
is digital and at your finger touch.
But back when the Wizard of Oz was made
it was not that easy. It was not at
your finger tips to produce a
tornado. What was done to make
the classsic movie was amazing, to be
able to do what was done with so little.
To me the Wizard of Oz is the best
classic around. It has black and white,
it has color, it has fantasy but
most of all it has MAGIC!
Oz the Great and Powerful is a great movie.
It tells the story of how the wizard came
to be in the land Oz. How he became
the wizard. The story runs right along
with the original oz, answering questions
that you did not even know you had.
Good movie.
Go and see it.
You will enjoy it.
Thanks for stopping by,
Please come again.


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