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Good morning ~

The weekend before last I started yet another project, although I have some I need to finish that I started before. I think I get bored with the way things are going and I have to move to something else. I don't know, been like that all my life.

But anyway, I had the small, thin in width bookcase that is in my entry way. I have had it for years. Well, let's see, my daughter is 32 and I got it when she was a baby. It was given to me and my ex by his mother and it once had belonged to her father. I had not touched it all these years but the other day I was looking at it and decided it needed help.

It had a reddish tint to it as you can see but the color in my living room is a dark brown color and this is right there at the living room so I wanted them to match.

I primed the piece and added some legs to it which that alone made a neat difference. The I pulled out the same dark brown paint that I did my bathroom cabinet in. It took a while, so I did not finish it up the weekend I started on it. I finished it this weekend. Had prime this side and when that dried, flip it and prime the bottom of the shelves. Let that dry and repeat twice with the paint. Here is the finished product.

But I am proud of the way it came out. Matches the other stuff and has a different and new look to it. My intent is to cover cardboard with material or paper to put in the back of each shelve and make it pop.

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book case looks great Pam. love how easy adding color is with fabric. Be sure to show us!


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