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Sorry about this bad pic but the batteryin the point and shoot
is dead, and I am limited with my professional camera's...
limited to not being able to pick them up since I had shoulder
surgery a week ago yesterday. So it had to be the phone camera..
I took a pic a couple weeks ago of a "J"!
Day before surgery I framed it for my living room.
It's in black and white.
This pic was not taken by me but it is of my great
nephew, Cole. He is almost 18 months old and a doll baby.
He is learning to color so he was handed down the desk!
Isn't he so sweet.
View from my perch on the glider on the deck.
Not much of a blog but typing one handed is
not easy.
Thanks for stopping in,


Thanks for the comment on the blog. Hoping that you're in less pain by now.
I remember last year when YOU went to california, and I was so wishing I could tag along. :)
Now, I've actually been there!
take care of yourself pam!

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