Friday, July 21, 2017

The Pot and Pan Hanger and More

Morning Blogger Friends!

and with that said......

I had this cool idea that 
I would take baby bed springs
(not the arrow silly)


or this...
but I have no room to
hang it from the ceiling
like this.

But I set out to find a set of baby bed springs
with no luck.....UNTIL
I was coming home
from my brothers house
while cat sitting and happened
upon one at the neighbors house
sat on the side of the road.

Seriously it was priceless...
it cost me NOTHING!

The issue, there were two
springs missing on one section.
But thanks to the local
LOWES store 
(love it almost at much as
Hobby Lobby),
I found a pack of springs.

2 to a pack
2 dollars and some odd
and BAM it is fixed....and hung.
What do you think?

Gotta to wire the center of the top
wire section to keep it from

But with the aid of S hooks from
(again) I
was able to hang my pots. 

Except for the ones with
thick handles....the opening
to the S hook is just to tight and the 
handle will not fit over it. 
So its either bigger S hooks
or not hang the pots...
I am leaning to not hanging since
they are pretty deep and would stick
out to far on the rack. 

Keep in mind that with these springs
which are pretty sturdy as a whole would
not be if you hang something really
heavy on one 
cast iron skillets!

yesterday I got stuck looking
at shelves. 
HAHA....this would really
mess with the heads of 
someone with OCD.

Loving these shelves in
the pic below.
As you come down my stairs
there is a small section 
of rail and spindles...
not used for anything other
then to catch the crap I hang
on it
thinking of making this.

This is a cute idea.
Problem with this....
I have less room behind my
doors then this pic has.
Mine is butted almost right
up to the wall....
but still cute. 

Not really that taken on the shelves
on the end of this headboard..
but it would be 
useful I think...

OH.....I love these
and found the brackets online
at Lowes
(haha...Lowes again)
for 8.98 each.

Pic from Lowes online.

For those of you that are fans
of Dakota 

And Lily

Here is your fix for the day!
Love my fur babies.

They actually have fans
that follow their moves
and behavior
on my fb page.

Thanks for stopping, 

Thursday, July 20, 2017


On my good days I am working on 
trying to clean the house and 
get rid of things.

With that said...
for years instead of shredding junk mail,
credit card appls and other stuff I
tossed it in a plastic bin.
Some of that stuff went 
back to 2003.

So for the last two days I have
worked on shredding this 
stuff. I would do 15 to 20 sheets and 
leave the room, 20 to 30 mins later
I would go back and do more.

Dakota and I took all that
shredded paper  off to recycle
before the sun went down and 
it had cooled down some. 
5 bags....yep, you heard
me ~5 bags! to clear things out
and get rid of stuff I need
to get rid of some paintings
that are just sitting around.

Here is an oil - 16x20
for $85 plus shipping.

Here I have an 8x10
$10 plus shipping.

$10 plus shipping

$10 plus shipping

$50 plus shipping

$15 plus shipping

wooden painting 
$15 plus shipping

$25 plus shipping

$15 plus shipping

$15 plus shipping

$10 plus shipping

$20 plus shipping

$20 plus shipping

$20 plus shipping

$20 plus shipping

$30 plus shipping

Wooden fence piece
$15 plus shipping

All paintings are on wrap around
canvas so no framing is required  
except for the first one and it is
framed in a wooden, brown  frame.

If interested give me a yell,

Thanks for stopping in,


Thanks to Sally over at
for giving me the idea
to post about pigs.

I dated a guy that has
13 acres of land and he
has PIGS.
Not kill for meat pigs.
Pet pigs.

The first time I ever went
over there I pull up and I 
see this BIG pink 
pig laying in the sun.
He was so big that his body
sort melted into the yard like
melted flesh.

Meet Arnold!
Arnold looks so funny when
he has been in the mud hole.
One day he laid down in it
on one side and got out...
walked past me and it looked like
two kinds of pigs.
A pink one and a brown one!

Arnold has an issue with Dakota
he runs from my little
rat terrier and Dakota
knows this. He will chase Arnold.

He is my grandson Caleb, meeting
Arnold for the first time.
That  is my youngest grandson to the 
right...looking on. 

This is Leonard 
AKA Lenny.
Lenny was Chris' first pig.
He got him as a pet, a baby.
The others came after folks
realized that even pot belly
pigs grow big if fed well.
At the time Chris and I 
started dating, he had 5 pigs.

Need I say more?
Lenny is my fav!

Funny story....Lenny was in a pen while
the others just roamed the yard....
then later on the neighbors yard!
We noticed that Lenny was looking
sick. He got thin. Chris was thinking
he needed to call the vet.
I was not raised on a farm, not
anywhere near any pets other then
dogs.....but I knew what was wrong. 

Lenny had cleared off his area of 
grass and stuff to graze on while
the others roamed eating and 
grazing all day. 

I told Chris he just needed moved from the
pen and let to roam.  At that point I was
told that he would not come out and 
if you got him out he cried to go back in.
So....we were feeding him special food
and extra food to get him fat again.
One day Chris was at the garage
where he works on mowers and I
went to the pen to let Lenny
I looked at him and told him
to get out, if he wanted food he
needed to come out and feed.

He followed me to the garage and 
he never went back to the pen.
Chris and others called me Lenny's
mom! He would follow me around
and if I called him he would 
come running!

Meet Wilbur.
He was the farm fav.
People who came to have mowers
worked on would bring family back
to meet the pigs. Wilbur would
come to the garage and sat in front
of the fridge, they all know Chris
keeps crackers in there for them.

Chris lost Wilbur a yr ago.
He wandered off and the body
was never found. 
We searched and searched.
The pigs loved to visit Ms. Wanda
down the street cause she would
feed them really well.

This is Razor.
Razor died early last year.
His body was found at the neighbors
house. The neighbor buried him for
Chris. There is Chris' house, 
a trailer, the neighbor (song writer)
and Ms. Wanda's....they knew that
they would get fed at all these homes.
It was a hot day and I figure with the
weight, Razor might have had a heart
attack. FYI...he was a lot bigger
then in this pic.

Razor was sort of the ring
leader, he traveled and Wilbur and 
Maybelline followed. 

Course since he was given to Chris
he was not sure of Razor's age, or
Wilburs for that matter. 
Razor was also not a full blooded
pot belly. He looked like he 
had Razor back in him...hence
the name. But look at that face...
looks like a bat.

Also...this is the only other
pig besides Arnold that was afraid
of Dakota and would run
from him.

These was the only female pig...
She has never gotten used to 
being petted. Although while
visiting my horse the other
day Maybelline let me pet her.
Course I guess if you present watermelon
rind its worth letting someone pet you. 
That is Chick Chick and Braden (grandson)
in the pic also. 

One day while hanging at the farm I 
mentioned to Chris that I had not
seen Chick Chick in a while.
Assuming that a coyote got her.
They live back up in the woods but
will not hurt a pig due to the 
thick skin.

This is my sweet Braden feeding Wilbur and 
Arnold crackers. If you tell them to sit,
they will. 

Since the passing of Wilbur and Razor and 
the break up of Chris and I he has taken
on the care of another female pig,
Sheba. I don't have a pic of her. 

Chris is a metro employee for the water
system but he does his side business of
working on mowers. He has a barn that he
rents out to a guy that trains and shows horses.

My girl don't like a barn so she is out
in the pasture. She is fed daily with the 
other pasture horses. Course she loves
when I visit with carrots and apples. 

There are wild turkey that come around
at feeding time....they love to eat what
the pigs or horses leave behind. 

They are pretty much camera shy but
love to spread those feathers in a mating dance.

Here are a few shots from the farm....
Chris also has not only his home on the 
property but he has a small rental home.
This is Rusty, he lived with his master
for a while in that rental home.

The guy that rents the barn to train 
brings horses in and out so I am 
not at all sure which one this was.

The little brown and white is 
Nibbles. He belongs to the renters
daughter. She shows him.

Covergirl has been gone for 
several years now.
She was on the farm when I first 
came around. 

Look at there...a wild turkey feeding with 

And this is up to his name!
Buck belonged to Rusty's (the dog of the 
renter) mom. 

Not only does Chris repair mowers...
he works on all small engines. 
This is Mr. Flo. 
Flo Pilote, was one of the first
hockey players in Nashville, on our
first hockey team, The Dixie Flyers,
wow, I think that was back in the 70's.
I went to school with his kids. 
Such a nice guy. 
Check out the article 
that came out in the paper
this past June when the Preds
were playing for the Stanley Cup.

Chick Chick would lay eggs but
there was NO rooster to do his thing, so they
laid there...

Well look at that I managed to get a pic. 

Hope you enjoyed your tour of the farm
and the meeting of the animals. 

Speaking of animals...
Lily and I both had a bad day
yesterday. She laid around with 
me all morning but in the afternoon
I noticed that she had not played
all day, she had not messed
with Dakota and she was
going off to herself and wanted
to be alone!
I was worried.

She is back to being Lily...
she is staying close to me.
Matter of fact she will not let
me put her down.
She has been curled up on me
like the pic above, between 
my body and the laptop.
I love my little girl.
I am getting a lot of nose and 
paw pats.....I love that. 

Hey Ladies....keep this in mind!

Thanks for stopping in,