DuPont Ladies Night Out

I graduated in a class of about 310 or so, from what I consider to be one  of the best environments~ DuPont High.
The Jr. high, the elementary school,  and the high school were named DuPont since they were in the  area of the first original  DuPont Plant.
Through the years so many of us have reconnected through facebook.  With that we have had several  get togethers with different groups. Two of the ladies thought it would  be neat to call a DuPont ladies night out!
Last night was our first.

We are shooting for one a month. Due to the brain storm only being  thought

About the Yard / Pumpkins and Outside Decorations

Took the camera out to look at my Egyptain Bean Vine, the beans love it.

I love this plant. It is purple for  one thing and it is so pretty. I have been collecting seed pods from it for next year.
This is one of the seed pods with a neat looking bug on it.

Another purple plant I have.

A Box Elder bug.

My Four O'clock plant did not  grow big at all. When I had them many years ago I had some really large ones. Could be cause I actually had  the seeds for two years before planting  them. I picked them up off the side walk in front of my son's home in Calif.
But look.....I have a couple of seeds from my plant.

This, That and Whatever

HAHA.... I saw this on PINTEREST... Palm Trees!!

Last time I went to Gatlinburg TN was 2 yrs ago this month. I met my cousin and the family there.
You see when they vacation they do it all together. They rented a place in the mountains. Always asking me to meet them there in the fall or Panama City Fla. in the summer. 
I rather not vacation with  everyone but I met them in the  mountains. Caleb (oldest grandson)  and I drove up and stayed two nights. 
The day we were to leave I took something's out to the trunk of the car. Left it open and ran in to get more stuff....
when my cousin's son says there is a bear in Pam's car!
Yep, she was digging in m trunk. I had food in the back seat  and I think she smelled it.

Oh what an adventure. 
Took this pic this morning. Isn't that the sweetest face?