Saturday, July 22, 2017

Lily and the Vet/ Animal Rocks

Be the person 
that feels the rain!

Speaking of rain....
wishing we would get some
just to cool us down a bit.

95 today with a feels like
of 102. 
Tomorrow 97 with a feels
of 110!

Yikes I have been staying in.
Lily is an indoor kitty and
Dakota goes out, does the business
and comes right back in. 

No redoing or spray painting
of anything today.
To hot to be out,
even on the deck with 
the fan on. 

Yesterday though I painted some

I am in the process of pulling
things together for a rental
booth to raise money for a 
local Pet Community.
This will be Oct. 13.

Right now I am working on 
painting the rocks.
Need to get my canvas out
and start some paintings.

Last night about 11:45
Lily went buck wild.
Feeling bad was over.
She jumped and played and
went wild. This lasted
about 20 mins or so.
Then I noticed her not jumping
up on the couch, but pulling herself
up on it. 
Really did not think much of
it, figured she was just 
working on trying to
sharpen her nails. 

At 3pm, Dakota wanted out.
I noticed that we were already down
stairs before Lily came along.
I usually lock the full glass
screen door and she usually
sits there till he is ready to come
in. When Dakota was there, I picked
up Lily and let him in. I carried
her upstairs. 
This morning I was woke
 by her meowing up a storm, 
crying. When we got downstairs
I noticed she was dragging her left
back leg, and not applying pressure 
on it. 

Called the vets office
where Dakota goes and my
daughter works. Amber don't work on
Sat. I called right when they opened
and left a message. Amber called and 
I told her I was waiting to here back.

About 10 mins later Amber calls
back and tells me that Lily has
an apt at 10. They get so busy
on Sat. that Amber called to be sure
they got Lily in today.

Lily sitting in my arms at the 
vets office. She was being so
calm and good. She was not moving
cause she was in pain.

Doc looking her over.

They took her downstairs for x-rays. 

Yay...not a break or fracture.
Just a sprain.
Pain meds today and the 
next 2 days. Keep her still
for a week....

thank goodness the pain meds
keep her drugged so that is keeping
her still.


I asked Amber the other day
what she wanted for Christmas...
yep, starting early. 
She told me she really needed some
dishes. When she was moving in the 
box of dishes she had got dropped....

Told me nothing with flowers, plain
white would be great.
I check on line and then at Walmart.
Corelle dishes sale for 3.32 each.
She only needs dishes. 
I mentioned this to mom and she
told me to wait before getting any.

Apparently Kroger has Corelle dishes
on sale for 1.99 each. 
Great buy. 

Oh and I failed to mention that Will, the 
boyfriend has 4 boys (5 of them)
and Amber has 3 boys (4 of them)
so I am getting 12 dishes for her.

She also mentioned she wanted a 
griddle....a large one.
Mom found one at Kohl's
and with her 15% off coupon, I 
got that for a tad over 18 bucks. 

Getting Amber done!
HAHA...for the boys...
all seven of them, they will get
gift cards to Game Stop!

Sorry for such a long post.
Thanks for stopping in, 

Friday, July 21, 2017

All Around Post

About a year ago I purchased
this chandelier from a friend.
I mentioned that I wanted a 
chandelier on facebook
and I was sent this in a
 private chat. 

She was changing things out
at her home before putting
it up for sale. 

This was exactly what I

And for $30 it was an awesome
deal. The prisms would
cost me that somewhere else.

I took all the prisms off and 
scrubbed them. Then I 
proceeded to scrub the 
light itself. 

I then taped up the glass part and 
where the bulbs screw in.

After that was done I spray
painted the light with an off 
white color with  primer included.

Today I actually took the tape
off and reapplied the 
prisms. Isn't it beautiful?

I have a friend that is going to 
help me hang it. It is going in the
antique room I just finished.
I love it!

I felt like I was on a roll....
so I decided to get another 
hanging light painted.

When I put the word out
on FB and the Next Door
Neighbor website for my
area I ended up with two
lights like this one below.

This one was given to me
but one just like it but silver
I paid $20 for. The silver one
got spray painted with brown 

This one is going in the 
If you notice in the top
pic there are metal rings 
around the bottom of the 
glass globes. I decided
I liked them better without
the rings! 

Still on a roll....
I pulled out the two cans
of off white spray paint
that I had purchased for this
coffee table.

I think I mentioned that my 
daughter told me last week
that she needed a coffee
table. This week I found this
on the side of the road at my
neighbors house. 
yes, nothing better than 

Well, I started painting it today.
Oops....NO PIC
and I am not headed out
on the deck to take one now.

Pulled out the big camera to 
take some good shots of my

Dakota was SNORING
in this pic.
He can get rather loud at

Main reason for grabbing the big camera 
was to get this shot below.
I love it.

This little girl has wiggled her
way into my heart.

Wed. she was not well. She started going off
and laying alone cause she felt bad. She had
eaten lunch earlier but after that I
realized she was not even playing.

The next day I found a hair ball...
figured that was it.
She was better in a way. She did not
go off alone and she wanted to 
lay on me.

She ate some of her lunch...but not
it all. I thought maybe I had just given
her a tad more then normal....
but she was also just laying around
during the day. No playing, no
jumping from furniture to furniture
and messing with Dakota.

Today the same. She has laid around
all day. Would not eat much.
Would not play with Dakota and 
he tried to get her to play. 

My daughter works for a vet so
she talked to them and they
told me if she is not better
tomorrow to bring her in. 

I hope everything is fine.

Back to pics....
this was taken tonight of
the two of them.

She gets near him when he sleeps.
If he gets up and leaves the room
she will come from a dead sleep 
to get up and follow him.

At 3 this morning the KING
(Dakota) needed to go out.
He chased one of these off the
porch but this one just sat there.
I have been hearing them for weeks now
and it is not even time for them to 

Ran into a guy at Wally World today that
I have not seen since I left the 
Tn Bureau of Investigation
2 yrs ago.
He was looking at air filters and 
I said, "hard to find what you need
sometimes"...he looked up and replied
not realizing who he was talking to.
I laughed and he looked at me again...
still not hitting him. Then when I 
asked did he not know who I was he
looked hard at me and it hit him.
He was part of the bunch of guys
I used to lunch with.
63 lbs changes a person I

Loving what it has done
for my health.
Love the smaller clothes...

But there are issues that I 
have to deal with now...
See the deep wrinkles
under the chin. 
HAHA....before also I never
saw that deep in the neck and 
I do now.

or the deep at the shoulder blade.
It feels strange when I reach up to
scratch or something!

But its this view that gets me.

NO SLEEVELESS shirts for
me. Wow....look at that sag.

Gotta live with that though, cost to much
to have it removed plus that requires
another surgery.
Guessing I will live with it.

Keep this in mind folks.

Thank you for stopping in, 

The Pot and Pan Hanger and More

Morning Blogger Friends!

and with that said......

I had this cool idea that 
I would take baby bed springs
(not the arrow silly)


or this...
but I have no room to
hang it from the ceiling
like this.

But I set out to find a set of baby bed springs
with no luck.....UNTIL
I was coming home
from my brothers house
while cat sitting and happened
upon one at the neighbors house
sat on the side of the road.

Seriously it was priceless...
it cost me NOTHING!

The issue, there were two
springs missing on one section.
But thanks to the local
LOWES store 
(love it almost at much as
Hobby Lobby),
I found a pack of springs.

2 to a pack
2 dollars and some odd
and BAM it is fixed....and hung.
What do you think?

Gotta to wire the center of the top
wire section to keep it from

But with the aid of S hooks from
(again) I
was able to hang my pots. 

Except for the ones with
thick handles....the opening
to the S hook is just to tight and the 
handle will not fit over it. 
So its either bigger S hooks
or not hang the pots...
I am leaning to not hanging since
they are pretty deep and would stick
out to far on the rack. 

Keep in mind that with these springs
which are pretty sturdy as a whole would
not be if you hang something really
heavy on one 
cast iron skillets!

yesterday I got stuck looking
at shelves. 
HAHA....this would really
mess with the heads of 
someone with OCD.

Loving these shelves in
the pic below.
As you come down my stairs
there is a small section 
of rail and spindles...
not used for anything other
then to catch the crap I hang
on it
thinking of making this.

This is a cute idea.
Problem with this....
I have less room behind my
doors then this pic has.
Mine is butted almost right
up to the wall....
but still cute. 

Not really that taken on the shelves
on the end of this headboard..
but it would be 
useful I think...

OH.....I love these
and found the brackets online
at Lowes
(haha...Lowes again)
for 8.98 each.

Pic from Lowes online.

For those of you that are fans
of Dakota 

And Lily

Here is your fix for the day!
Love my fur babies.

They actually have fans
that follow their moves
and behavior
on my fb page.

Thanks for stopping,