Friday, June 23, 2017

All Around Post

I never seem to do just a plain old
post on just one thing anymore!

Daughter asked for a tall table
for her boyfriend for Fathers Day. 

Apparently he has a lot of Hank Jr. stuff that 
she wanted the table for. 

Not bad for the first time building. Hope it
don't fall apart!

My Egyptian Bean Vine has really taken
off and crawled right up the baby bed
treills. I love it.

The blooms on my vine.

My marigolds finally came up and bloomed.

Now is not too cute.
While taking care of Zora, my sis in laws
cat while they are away....I stepped out
of my nieces bathroom when I filled the
bowls today and got the crap scared out
of me. 
Yep...its Harry Styles from One Direction!

After that I took a look around the room...
Love it when I see things I have made.
Holly loves Wicked and actually introduced
me to the play. So I painted this for her
a couple of yrs ago.

I think I gave her this one for her 16th bday. 
She loved it so I made sure she got it.

Went shopping at Cracker Barrel today. They 
have usual and cute gifts.
Did not get anything made for my 
brothers Bday so I went and 
purchased something. Will post
that after I give to him.

Almost got this for is a key ring and would
go awesome in my collection and it is just
like the camera I had at 12.

Might get the boys this for part of their Christmas.

Love, love, love this. For the soap in the 

That is it for my all around post. 
Sorry to jump from this to that.

Thanks for stopping in, 


HAHA....uploaded these pics
by cell phone to the blog
and then while they were loading
I just went off and forgot all 
about them.....

Hours later here I am to tell
you about them.

When I first had my surgery...
by the way, 60lbs gone!
I had to drink protein shakes.
These are the containers the
powder came in. I washed them
out and saved them....
for what, any ones guess!

So the issue has come into to play
of cleaning out litter boxes.
Yes, two, one upstairs and one

I kept scooping it up and putting
in plastic bags to throw out but
I thought it was such a waste
to clean the box out and use
a bag once. So I needed something
I could dump it in, with a lid that
would seal any smell, up till that was
full then throw it out.

The containers will be used
for that....for now.

But the sides were sticky where I pulled
off the label.
So I pulled out the contact paper.

Trying to wrap it around the container became
and issue so I just cut it up in pieces
and stuck it all on there. 

Did the lid the same way.

Then I put a plastic bag in there, screwed the lid
on and I am ready for the next cleaning. When
filled, I will pull bag and all out and thrash it. 

Tonight I sat and watched Lily entertain herself
playing with a paper bag that came from 
Cracker Barrel.....running in and out and 
being so silly....Silly Lily!

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dakota and Lily

It amazes me where little one
can fall asleep. 

Back of the couch.

Stretched out with Dakota.

Now isn't this sweet?

After running and playing Lily and Dakota 
tore open a bag of clothes that was
going to Goodwill. 

Lily has just proceeded to come into
our home and fit right in. 
I am totally proud of Dakota. He has
excepted her into his home and he has
been the only one for 10 yrs. He is not
having issues sharing his mom either. 
So proud of him. 

I have become a pro at cleaning the 
litter box. Doing it here at home and
at my brothers house and until I got
Lily I had never touched a litter box.

Zora enjoys my visits to feed her.
I get the greeting, the head butt. 

Now isn't she so pretty. 

Thanks for stopping in, 


My older brothers bday is
the 23rd. 
Ray will be 60. 

I wanted to set out and find
something special 
to turn into a clock. 
So off I went antiquing!

I love windows.

and clowns!

I actually considered these
for a clock. The bigger one was
priced at 28.00. It would
make a cool clock for over
the fireplace but it was not
really what I was looking for.
So I past it by.


Loved this piece below. It was
heavy too. I was thinking for 
my kitchen but at 45.00 I 
decided I did not need it 
that bad.

This is a tad strange!

And this was a tad stranger!!!

Okay, this one was not as
bad as the one above.

Melmac....did you ever eat off this?
Not sure I ever saw it in pink though.

Took this pic and text it to 
my friend Theresa...
she is from Ky.
But for 75.00 she said
she did not need it that bad.

I love antiques.
But I did not find
what I was looking for.
I was on the search for
a rusted round saw blade
or an antique camera that
I could turn into a clock. I need to make
him a wooden clock 
I guess. 

Now....I had been on the 
search for a baby bed spring.
The last one I got I picked
up at an antique store
for 5.00.

Did  not find one on my visits
the other day but on the
way home from feeding
my brothers cat I past one
thrown out by someones trash.
Yep....I got it.

What was I needing another
one for?

I pulled this pic from the
internet to show you what
I want to use it for.

The one I got before has
made an awesome trellis
in the garden.
This one I found will work 
great to hang my pots on!

There are those days that
I really do feel this way!

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