Thursday, September 21, 2017

Hello to Fall and This and That

Been a really bad week.

Pain is kicking really badly.
With that it is also ragweed
season so the KING and I 
are staying indoors.
He has seasonal allergies also.

Have you seen where Lady
Gaga has announced that
she suffers from Fibro?
So bad for her right now that
she has canceled her 
European tour. 

I read this and for those who 
don't understand maybe this 
will help....

It is hard to describe what it feels like to have Fibromyalgia 
but I like the way the American College of Rheumatology puts it: 
"For the person with fibromyalgia, it is as though
 the 'volume control' is turned up too high in the brain's
 pain processing areas."

Saturday I will go to my
daughter's house where she will
be having a family bday party
for Braden. hard
to believe that he is 7.
I got him a toy but I also got
him some PJs....with a
dinosaur on it.

So....I wrapped the PJs and 
decorated the wrapping. 

The other night due to pain I 
could not sleep so I painted.
Here is my fall door decoration.

When it comes to writing
with paint...haha 
or a pen or pencil I 
have what my mom called
hen scratch for writing. 
But I did rehand the J 
on my pumpkin!

I like the way it all turned out.

My two babies.
Darla was asking about the KING.
He is well, only dealing with 
watering eyes from the weed in 

Just thought I would throw this out
there ......

And with that thought, did anyone see the 
social media posting on the news
about the lady that commented 
on Hobby Lobby having cotton on their
She felt it made a bad statement since
slaves worked the cotton fields!!
Oh my gosh...get a life!

People need to realize that history is 
this nation's HISTORY! 
Cotton is cotton, and I can see
the Hobby selling it for crafts.

I for one had just posted a few
days before the social media
cotton storm this wreath.

I saw this at Belks and I love it.
Wished I had a whole field of
it for crafting.

Now.....its beginning to look a lot
like fall here in Nashville.

This is right off my deck.

Check out the top of my shed.

Leaves are getting lighter.

One red leave just hanging around.

And the creek is pretty dry right now.
But it is full of leaves. 

The berries that are really red in the 
spring are darker in the fall.

I will continue to post fall pics as the days
go by. Matter of fact I am going to
try to remember to photograph my
big tree in the front yard each week
to see the difference. 
Like I said, try....I try it 
each and every fall....
and have yet to get it done.

Speaking of fall....
let me share this story with you~
for those that have pretty much 
figured out my personality 
thru my blog this should not
surprise you.

My son, who is just like me only
more than me, he moved
to California in 2007.
I put him on a plane in Jan. 2007, 
right out of basic. He was stationed
on North Island, San Diego Calif.
My dad had been stationed there also
many, many years ago...
With that said, Cory did his sign 
up time and left the Navy, but during
this time he met his soon to
be wife, Britney. 
Britney is a Calif. girl....all the way. 

In Calif. fall is not like fall in 
Tennessee! So about 3 maybe
 years ago Cory told me that
one thing that he missed about
Tennessee was the fall. 

It just so happens that fall that 
year was beautiful. 
It lasted so much longer than
normal too. 
Colors were popping....
so when the leaves started
to fall I started to collect. 
I collected for a week or more.

I put all I collected in an 8x10 env.
Addressed it to Cory and mailed
it to him with a cute note about
him missing TN Fall so I 
sent it to him. 

He opened it up at the mailbox, 
read the note and laughing went into the
He yelled for Britney to come 
into the living room and as 
she entered he shook the 
env out all over the room 
It's fall!

Keep in mind....he is my son!

thanks for stopping in, 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Death and a Birthday

Monday I put on a cute dress, fixed my 
hair and applied my makeup...
I actually sort of miss doing that daily.

But I did it this day because I was
headed to the funeral home.
A school mate past with cancer.

Terry Pilote, he was my oldest brothers
age, 60. I met all the Pilote boys
during our years at 
DuPont High but I more
or less went to the funeral 
home for Terry's sister in law, 
Tonya. Tonya and I went to 
school together from 2nd till
we graduated. I was also there
for Terry's dad, Flo. 
I met Flo about 4 or 5
years ago when I was dating
Chris. Chris has a side job repairing
small motors like golf carts, go carts,
saws, weedeaters but mostly mowers. 
Flo had a four wheeler that needed 
repairing. He would show up most
days just to hang around at the 
garage. Such a sweet older man. 

Flo came to Nashville many years ago
from Canada where he played
hockey. He was one for the first 
hockey players for the first team that
Nashville had, the Nashville Flyers. 

His son's, Cary, Mark and Terry
were also big into hockey also. 
Flo lost his brother just two days
before he lost his son Terry. 

I feel for him and his family 
right now. 

That night I was just chilling on 
the couch when Lily decided 
she wanted to love on me.

Then she passed out!

Now on a lot better note....
today my youngest grandson is
7 years old today. 

Braden in the 

I took this shot of him.

Kids just love to get in whatever
they are playing with.

Such and adorable baby.

And always messy!

This is him last yr on field day.
I went to his event with him.

And here is his nana at about the same
age! Yep...the toothless grinning one
in the middle. 
The taller girl is my cousin Kathy and
the smaller one is Tammy. She is the one
I was hanging out with at the 
Redneck Rumble.
They live in Georgia. 

This is a pic of my oldest
grandson Caleb...
compared next to my pic.

Thanks for stopping in,


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fall Decorations

I decorated yesterday for 

I got these at Target a couple
years ago for a little bit
of nothing! 

Here are the 2x4 wooden pumpkins
I decorated with scrapbook 
paper. The pumpkin in the center
actually has a face on it so
until Oct. 1, I have the face
turned around to the wall.

Here are the two material pumpkins
I stuffed and made.

And here is the BIGGEST one 
I made the other night. 

I put the BIGGEST one on
the kitchen table.

I made this one a bit differently
then the others since it
was so BIG.

Laid it out this way and 
then I sewed the sides 

Another pumpkin with the face
pointing to the wall.

Took this pic at the Redneck Rumble 
the other day. 
The last of the summer blooms
looking a bit like they
have seen better days.

This baby was

Speaking of BIG....
I posted a pic of the 
BIG chair the other day and
said I had my pic taken 
in it. 
I asked my cousin to text
the pic to me today...
I have lost weight but
I really look 
in this chair!


really does help!

I used to keep bubble
wrap in my desk and 
when stressed I would
pull it out and pop it.

One day after changing
jobs and moving to 
the Tennessee Bureau 
of Investigation
I pulled my bubble
wrap out to pop.....

and realized that maybe it
was not a good idea, 
working in a room with 
about 10 folks that carry
guns, I probably did not 
need to pop

Thanks for stopping in,