Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Kitchen Drawer/ Make Shift Table/ Orange Fall Color

Although I had my D200 with me 
when I went to the Redneck Rumble
I used my cell for this shot.

I was pulling out of the parking lot
when I looked over and saw the
sun going down..

I try to shoot for more then
one object in the pic.
Here the sunsetting and 
the church.

The other day I was looking 
at the kitchen drawer and I 
remembered something I
saw on PINTEREST....of course.
Something I wanted to do that I 
thought would work better for


I took everything out of
the drawer. Took out the 
liner I had in there and washed
the drawer out.

After that I measured the drawer and cut
pieces of wood for the inside.

As you can tell I used screws on the
side to 
attach and hold in place.

Then I cut liner for the slots.


Added back my stuff.

So far I am really liking this set up.

Over a year or so ago I found this
candle holder at Goodwill for
Its been on my porch with a 
birdhouse sitting on it.

But it kept getting knocked over
and the birdhouse falling off.

But on another trip over a year
ago I found this metal piece
I think it used to be attached to
something but that something
was gone.
I paid .99 cents for this.

Took my handy E6000

And attached the two items.

Now I have a cool little table for the
porch and the birdhouse sets 
nicely on it.

HAHA...saw this ORANGE
car yesterday evening
and I had to take a pic because
just a few hours ago I 
went and had my toe nails

HAHA...same color.
I normally do my own nails but
the shop down the street will
take off the old and put on new
with a base coat and top coat
for ten bucks....
they do such a neater job then
I do.

And it last for weeks..

If you know someone that 
lives with daily pain please
keep them in your thoughts....
it is pain awareness 

Thanks for stopping in, 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Redneck Rumble - Part 2

I was going to break up these
pics to go over several days
but I decided to just post
them all and be done with

Yep...the Redneck Rumble!

There were several trailers around that
were handmade.
This being one. 
Enough room to open the door
and crawl in to sleep.

This one was bigger and covered in 

Love these benches. 

My sis in law Kim on the left
and my cousin Tammy.

I would love to have this. 
Make a carrier on the back to carry
Dakota on.

I need my cousin to send
the pic she made of me
in this 

This was just plain creepy.

After Kim, Tammy and I walked
around we got back to see my
brother resting.


This is my cousin's camper.
It sleeps two.
They pull it behind the truck and 
they stay there at the fair grounds
in it for the days they are there.
My uncle stays at my brothers

Took this last one on my way out.

Thanks for stopping in, 

Redneck Rumble

Meet my uncle Jerry.

My cousin Tammy.

And her hubby Terry. 

HAHA....and lets not
leave out my younger brother Mark....
wearing his Oreo cookies for

Every year in Sept. my cousin, Terry and my
uncle come up to Tennessee from
Georgia for the 
Redneck Rumble.

Love the shot below.

And this cool shot.

Now....here is where the Redneck comes
into play.

More tomorrow. 

I had never been so I decided to go and 
see what it was all about. 
I wanted to see the demolishing 
derby but due to wet ground 
it was canceled. 

Apparently they have contest, 
that I missed, judging of 
cars, a band and some really
strange looking cars, trucks
and other riding items. 

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